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By Anonymous
Can anyone tell me how to do the grim reaper cosplay?
By Anonymous
full darkwraith set (or ringed knight hood) + corvian great scythe. u might want to invest in luck as it deals bleed damage
By Anonymous
I would like a robe but the hood is fine too and scythe and my luck is 99 too but thanks
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By Grim_Reaper
Dark Mask, Dragonscale Armor, Brigand Gauntlets, Cornyx's Skirt. Corvian Great Scythe, Manikin Claws
By Anonymous
Play DS2 for cosplays, it has way better fashion while being an overall better game too.
By Anonymous
true dat....only problem is you'll run around in DS2 like you have poop in your underwear.
By Anonymous
i am currently playing ds2
By Anonymous
Great, it is hard to scroll down now
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
20 Nov 2021 01:30, it because it used to be the mace is gud the mace is gud, the one who repeating this word over, over, over, and over again, filling up the entire wiki, making harder to scroll down like this guy said, and also have played elder scrolls skyrim?, it's perfect and good as hell, you can get a chance to open world, get ebony armor or ebony mail armor, and some daedric armor, 368 defense, weight, 18.5, value 8754 gold, glass armor, all that type of stuff will be found there, so get ready to play it. something wicked has came
By Anonymous
WTF why would you remove this???
By Anonymous
25 Nov 2021 23:15, Remove what????
By Anonymous
15 Dec 2021 05:15 My comments
By Anonymous
Don't go hollow playing ELDERN RING
By Anonymous
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
By Anonymous
Answer this question real quick, Will increasing your rank in the Blades of the Darkmoon increase the miracle Darkmoon Blade damage?
By Anonymous
No, when you reach rank 30 in BotDM you just get the darkmoon blade, it won't scale if you add more, however it increases in damage if you upgrade faith, so upgrading faith increases the damage, but increase the rank does not
By Anonymous
Thats too bad because, my faith is already 99 i am currently soul level 477
By Anonymous
Hey! guys Do you want to see the real true story about Dark Souls Remastered, Go to Youtube and search up this keywords, > DARK SOULS Cinematic Short Film - FATE < It's the true story
By Anonymous
O cleanse the bastard's curse........
By Anonymous
shot yer fooken muuth son
By Anonymous
Weak players these days........ can you at least try to wear high defense armor, use a high damage weapon AND INCREASE YOUR STRENGH AND VITALITY!!!
By Anonymous
guess what?.... I have joined the Cathedral Knights!! the great mace cathedral knight greatsword variants Each time i use peserverance, players can't do damage to me, there damage is like this:
_____ and how much my HP? 2005 equaling _____________________________________________________________________ THATS HOW STRONG I AM!!!! BLACK KNIGHTS DO ___________ THIS DAMAGE!!!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The DS remake is a relique of a world without Dark Souls and Bloodborn.
You will never touch it again if you have Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Hey! did you know that elden ring gameplay has been released?! it's out there!! In youtube!!! fromsoftware realeased the gameplayCan't you believe it?! The gameplay is there! I am ready for elden ring!!!!!! and are you ready elden ring?! This game will be very good if you don't have any time wasting jobs! like i am on now !high school year 12!! or a job!. IM READY FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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