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By Anonymous
Hold onto your underpants kids, it's time for Dark Souls 3!!!
By Anonymous
My hollowed body is ready
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
they will have souls frame work just a different theme for new game
By Anonymous
Did you type that comment with your face?
By Anonymous
i think artorias and sif will be in there
By Anonymous
i saw a poster dark souls 3 and it had knight artorias
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By Henry_Baltimore
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That voice in the video is oddly comforting! I felt like the slug baby in the Dolls arms at the end of Bloodborne!
By Anonymous
ok thansk man you're great

By Anonymous
who is mad of them how made dks 2 i am it not a real souls game
By Anonymous
Anyone remember this comment in 2021???
By Anonymous

I would love to see the Grave Robber ring included in DS 3!
By Anonymous
Any chance for aesthetic rings? Ring of the living? Ring of White? I'd like to maintain my composure as a swarm of hollows flay me into bits.
By Anonymous
can this play in pc
By Anonymous
Thanks for the feedback, I will tell big M :)
By Anonymous
can this play in pc
By Anonymous
I'd like it to be possible to become a twink again, so I can do silly things with newbies, like giving away embers(?) or good items, perhaps protect them from other invaders.

Thank you
By Squeaky245
Invaders, at least in the stress test, were able to damage each other. So you could be a friendly invader escort, fighting off other red phantoms (then backstab the host in front of the boss fog for lels). ;^)
By Anonymous


By Anonymous
I'm curious about the idea of those hexes. My only thought for either of the "feet" ones would be either fall reduction or global speed increase. Than there's that sorcery in between what looks like soul spear barrage and soul shower... Sort of looks like a spell that's supposed to open a cataclysm with souls. And of course blue fire is in itself an interesting concept. I hope From knows what they're doing, allowing hexes in, *IF* they allow them.
By Anonymous
Hmm weird stuff. Even if this is real it doesnt display all the spells in the game, since as mentioned before the networktest spells arent included and also 4 pyromancies?? cmon
By Anonymous
in dark souls 3 on PC can u play with 360 controller

By Anonymous
According to this YouTube user spells pictures were taken by a user directly from the network test code

By Anonymous
I want something like a spell parry shield or ring, just something that rewards good timing against spellcasters
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
pew pew pew
By Anonymous
I was looking to become a dedicated contributor to this wiki leading up to and following the release of Dark Souls 3. These games have been such an integral part in my experiences as a gamer and wish to give back to such an incredible community in some small way.

Is there any process that I need to follow or anyone that I need to contact regarding this? Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

**I think that the amount of work and time given up to polish these wikis to such an impeccable standard is something that I'm sure too many of us take for granted. So to all those who have volunteered their time over the years, a huge thank you.

Kind Regards,
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By Fexelea
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Hi there! Thank you for the kind words and yes indeed it takes a lot of work to make and maintain the wikis up to date. All help is highly appreciated and I'm often online on chat with fellow contributors coordinating approaches!

You can edit the wiki as a guest but the best way to go about this is to Register an account and then participate in our Dark Souls 3 Forum to bring up wiki ideas, issues and suggestions.

Please feel free to contact me anytime :D
By Anonymous
Then this also gonna be the last (and propably the best) wiki of the soul series... All this work over the times since 2010 on this fextralive wiki. Fine work, fexelea and all the other ones! Thank you for the help with the games and storys, npcs and weapons, bosses and weaknesses, tips and hints!
By Anonymous
I think people are heavily misunderstanding what Miyazaki said... He said that it was the last souls game that he would be doing, "In this style." So it is a turning point and we can assume the formula will be changing from hereon out, but it will not be the last game in the series.
By Grandmaster_Beer
This will NOT be the last Souls Game, Miyazaki allready said he has been misunderstood. Dark Souls III is a "turning point" in the souls franchise, not the end of it.
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By Castielle
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We keep trying to get better with each wiki. I really hope this is our crowing achievement for the Souls Wikis, but it will not be the end for us. We continue to make Wikis for the RPGs and other games we love and will continue to do so until we are no longer able!
By muny21
I agree. This forum and wiki have been an invaluable tool for all Souls fans. Thanks to all who have put so much effort into making them both what they are today. While I can't wait for the new game, it will be sad to know that no more are coming. I'm sure there will Bloodborne 2, but it's just not the same as a souls game. Praise the Sun.
By Miku3Hinasaki
So, what's everyone gonna do for their very first playthrough of DKS3? I'm gonna go with the old Strength and Dex, with high Vitality and Endurance, and just enough Int. and Faith to cast low level spells build!
By Punchy_McHurtyFist
First build is gonna be a caestus quality build with the pontiff right eye and as much HP as I can get away with.
By Anonymous
die and die and die again xD
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I want to try the assassin, and I suppose things will evolve from there depending on the items you get. I want to get my hands on some spells and use that lightning fast estoc. Fast, light, but with enough beef to get through a large area without too much trouble. Offense in dex and int. Im so HYPED!!I want to do a first runtrhough with that type of character just to get a feel for what items you get throughout the progress of the game. Second time through, I will do a pyromancer/hexer and focus on int, faith, and maybe strength.
By Anonymous
Going mage first run take advantage before they Nerf it like ds2 lol.
By Anonymous
Pyromancer! And get my stats on par to wield some cool weapons.
By AlaitocXull
Sorcerer 100%. Will never not love magic in any game.
By Anonymous
A variation on guy with ig sword that smashes things with said sword. Then probably a mage o some description.
By Anonymous
first pt probably str build,second str dark hybrid
By GrimReaperPL
Int build, but I hope for something like blueflame to appear at some point
By Anonymous
UGS build :3
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