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how many dislikes can this comment get
fk u al



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Play any game but this. Play something that requires skill like Fortnite or R6
You know just how awful nature's mistakes can be when a soneone put the words "skill" and "fortnite" together. **** off.
You know just how sensitive people are when they can’t spot an obvious troll comment and completely take the bait
Oh man this game. It’s strange, I’ve never once thought of it as my favourite in the series but I would wager that if you took my combined hours with every other game in the series including my favourite, Bloodborne ... and compared that grand total with JUST my time spent with DS3 I believe DS3 would still come out on top. I think it comes down to the balance between PvE and PvP where, for example, I prefer the world design and adventure of the original Dark Souls but I’m not as fond of it’s PvP and I enjoy Bloodbornes combat, difficulty and invasions more but the chalices drain me (I’m a completion nerd so I can’t bring myself to use false depths) and even though I do ultimately like them I still have my limits which hinders how often I make builds for the online. DS3 has a fantastic mix and flow/pace of both components that just keeps me engaged indefinitely.