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Reject Gwyn, return to Furtive Pygmy
I need some help killing twin princes and final boss at archdragon peak in NG+ on PS4 if anyone would be so kind it would be so appreciated
It's been 4 years and this game still blows me away. I expected an incredible ending to the best videogame series of all time, and that expectation was blown away as much as I was. This game is a genuine masterpiece. All of the gameplay, world building, atmosphere, sound design, voice acting were done so incredibly well. It's not just like playing a great game, it's like exploring a fine work of art. I can't stress how much I love this game. GG Miyazaki.
Why the heck do people call fume ultra greatsword “FUGS”. It sounds unepic and ungamerly. Unless it doesn’t
Big bruh
I hope this isn't a serious question


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Looking for any to dupe souls
As great as this game is, it's a shame it's content was rushed from mid-game onwards. If only they had more time...


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Yeah the "soul" is missing. Despite of that it runs smoothly, provides a top notch multiplayer experience and endless build varieties. Technicaly it's the peak. Could just have been so much better. The complete Lothric castle makes not much sense anymore cause of that (dunno though what Vaati gets off on...DS3 is an empty shell....King, Ocelot, Angels....). All in all I feel more like playing in a gigantic multiplayer arena than a souls campaign with a world thousands of years old.


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In a co op can the host collect items and do quests?
The host isn't a phantom, only they can collect items unless they drop an item, then phantoms and pick that up


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amo questo gioco è una bomba,, l'unico problema è la telecamera ma vabbè ci si abitua
My Best Game In The World
My too bro, no game gave me as many emotions as those games did, wish I could forget about Dark Souls just so I could experience it all again..
God damn it Miyazaki-san you did it again you magnificent bastard, it's hard to put my finger on which game is your opus magnum because frankly all those games are simply amazing! If you were here I'd have given you what you fukn deserve: a gentle kiss on the cheek. Keep up the good work!