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Armor is for nerds. Weapons are for casuals. Leveling up is for normies.
If u lvl vig ur casul
Boys he Ascended
Am I good at this game if I can beat Dancer of Boreal Valley with a +1 Raw Broadsword without getting hit?
no, but if you do it with just fist without getting hit then you're pro.


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why +1 ?
Giantdad may not be playable in this game, but he is watching over us in the land of the gods telling item asking scrubs to GIT GUD while "Well, what is it" at the same time. At least his weapon, shield, and rings of legend can be obtained.
Giant Dad build is for scrubs who need a crutch in pvp. Change my mind
The lack of mask is a great loss to the invader community, i can forgive the armor, there are many which would replace it, but the mask... oooh the mask.. i doubt you could even imagine it... that which commanded invaders... givin souls their fullest brilliance... ...Fathers Mash... ...Oooh Fathers Mask!... ...Removed.. by someone.. Or.. something.. dont tell me you don't see it! Look at the gestures "well what is it?"... its missing! Miyazaki has no appreciation for the Invader-nation, and it hurts. (also ik that the "Look up at the sky..." part isn't quite fitting but i couldn't find anything else to put there.
Can some one help me pls by a boss :)


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i can
which boss
No u
kinda need help on a boss, and i know git gud, but im trying sister friede on soul lv 30 to make a build.... (pc)


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Try summoning Gale for help, also while in phase one rush her when she goes invisible.
Phase1: Parry and, after she jumps look at the way the snow is moved to then attack her b4 she charges. Phase 2: Summon Gael and let him take care of her meanwhile your duty is to kill Ariandel as fast as possible so Gael would have enough HP to help in the last part. Phase 3: Let her get up, make Gael attack her but if shes trying to retaliate simply attack with something heavy to stun her (rinse and repeat), just watch out for her jumps and the ice attack, also that grapple attack, if you'll summon another phantom (other than Gael) then keep in mind that each one makes the boss harder.
Can I provide thee SUCCOUR?
Do not mock my captain and waifu
Compared to the 2 previous games, dark souls 3 feels like an unfinished work.
I’m hoping this was just a troll comment. If not then you need to shut the ***** up
Compared to "TWO previous games" - boi did you forgot how garbage DS2 was on the launch (and imo still is)?
"Compared to the first two games niminiminim" shut the ***** up
Well, soultards be like this. No actual argument and only hate messages, and they ask why the community is bad. Cheers.
If you GIT GUD enough, the only consumable you really need is the estus. I only used estus and no other consumable for the other games as well.
Yep. But If you have a physical weapon and Don't use resins, that's a waste in terms of gameplay.


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what's estus? did you get hit or something. git gud man
I hope the community will live on...