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I had a few free minutes today and I was back playing some DS3 for the first time in awhile and I found a lot of inaccurate info about the best (highest AR) raw weapons in the game. A lot of it seems to stem from the various buffs and nerfs as the patches have changed the way we play the game very significantly from the time it was released until October 2019. I still cannot find an up to date list without individually searching for the specific weapon I want and then cross checking it with the raw infusion. So this is just some things I have come across naturally through trial and error. Note I am only including weapons that are very effectively wielded as raw weapons, meaning no stat investment higher than 13 in any category and weighing no more than 5 units, as the point of using raw weapons is that we want to focus instead on early game survivability by placing points into vigor and endurance, until hitting the soft caps of 40/40.Also it must be a weapon you can obtain early game, as in before Road of Sacrifices.There is however one exception I will make, only because of it's ridiculously high AR and that is the dragonslayer axe. You don't get this weapon until mid gameish (not counting DLC) but at +9 it has a 457 AR. Because of this it has to be mentioned. It's the only raw weapon that I can say is still formidable taking into NG +. However, it requires 18 str and 14 dex, it shares a good deal of split damage coming in the form of lightning, and you have to carefully follow the NPC Sirris's questline in order to receive. That said, many enemies are weak to lightning and the axe can also be buffed with with any resin and features the warcry skill that tacts on even more damage, so you have to mention it at the very least, it's really a monster and all over the PvP scene as I'm sure you all know. It's my favorite raw weapon and I think you might want to consider setting aside enough shards to take it to it's highest level possible as soon as you get it. If you have the ashes DLC, you can make it a +10 weapon the second you get it, and still have two slabs left over, if you have completed that part of the DLC. So that's pretty awesome. So here is my top 5 from highest AR to lowest at the +9 upgrade level (with an * next to the dragonslayer axe as it requires stats above 13): *1.DragonSlayer Axe (received as part of Sirris's questline found behind a gravestone near the Church Of Yorshka bonfire where you will be invaded by an NPC as part of the quest.) 2.Mace (sold by Greirat as soon as you save him) 3.Falchion (this is not a guaranteed drop, it must be farmed, but can be done so very early, check the site for farming location in undead settlement.It's definitely worth your time.) 4.Broadsword (found near the badly nerfed astora sword which makes it a pointless weapon imo) 5.Battle Axe (This is a guaranteed drop if you convert the deep axe into a raw weapon. I would probably not mess with this, but it's a decent raw weapon that features warcry.) I only learned english a couple years ago, I speak it better than I write it, so sorry if I spelled something wrong or have poor grammar. Please feel free to fact check this, I could be wrong about the order, or maybe I missed one that you know about. The one thing that really sucks about this list is that none of these weapons have a thrusting attack (RIP Astroa SS), despite the broadsword having a pointed tip that was designed for thrusting and sharing the same weapon art as the other straight swords. I just wish I knew more about raw weapons before starting the game, because I would have built my character very differently. My second character started as a knight, with a fire gem (first longsword right away!) used a combo of the raw mace and falchion and I was able to just pour stats into vigor and edurance until I got to 40/40. I then got the 18/14 for the dragonslayer axe and it was like the game went into easy mode. I began fine tuning into a strength build that used the insanely good millwood battle axe with a heavy gem, which again made the game feel like easy mode. Even the Ringed City was not bad with that weapon. So I hope this helps one person. Cheers.



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I just bought this for my XB One, and I'm really looking forward to it and I am so happy I saw this post. I selected a knight to start with and just got to firelink and was planning to sit down and see what's what. Your post gives me excellent ideas and I am definitely going to following this model. I'm so happy I did not start leveling. All I did was make a fire longsword for the first area, nothing else except a couple points into vigor and endurance. This is a big help, thank you for doing this. I have one question, I saw you talked about an axe, the millwood battle axe, can you get that early on?
Just do a search for the millwood battle axe on this site, it tells you exactly where to get it. It's not really early game per say, but you can get it as soon as you get access to the Ashes DLC. If you want, you can just run past all the enemies, grab the axe, and I would recommend get the shield the knights have as well because it's the best PvE shield in the game imo, and then you're good to go.
millwood axe raw is pretty pointless but for my quality build it is mad good refined
Love this blog, had help me alot to understand the game!