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I had a few free minutes today and I was back playing some DS3 for the first time in awhile and I found a lot of inaccurate info about the best (highest AR) raw weapons in the game. A lot of it seems to stem from the various buffs and nerfs as the patches have changed the way we play the game very significantly from the time it was released until October 2019. I still cannot find an up to date list without individually searching for the specific weapon I want and then cross checking it with the raw infusion. So this is just some things I have come across naturally through trial and error. Note I am only including weapons that are very effectively wielded as raw weapons, meaning no stat investment higher than 13 in any category and weighing no more than 5 units, as the point of using raw weapons is that we want to focus instead on early game survivability by placing points into vigor and endurance, until hitting the soft caps of 40/40.Also it must be a weapon you can obtain early game, as in before Road of Sacrifices.There is however one exception I will make, only because of it's ridiculously high AR and that is the dragonslayer axe. You don't get this weapon until mid gameish (not counting DLC) but at +9 it has a 457 AR. Because of this it has to be mentioned. It's the only raw weapon that I can say is still formidable taking into NG +. However, it requires 18 str and 14 dex, it shares a good deal of split damage coming in the form of lightning, and you have to carefully follow the NPC Sirris's questline in order to receive. That said, many enemies are weak to lightning and the axe can also be buffed with with any resin and features the warcry skill that tacts on even more damage, so you have to mention it at the very least, it's really a monster and all over the PvP scene as I'm sure you all know. It's my favorite raw weapon and I think you might want to consider setting aside enough shards to take it to it's highest level possible as soon as you get it. If you have the ashes DLC, you can make it a +10 weapon the second you get it, and still have two slabs left over, if you have completed that part of the DLC. So that's pretty awesome. So here is my top 5 from highest AR to lowest at the +9 upgrade level (with an * next to the dragonslayer axe as it requires stats above 13): *1.DragonSlayer Axe (received as part of Sirris's questline found behind a gravestone near the Church Of Yorshka bonfire where you will be invaded by an NPC as part of the quest.) 2.Mace (sold by Greirat as soon as you save him) 3.Falchion (this is not a guaranteed drop, it must be farmed, but can be done so very early, check the site for farming location in undead settlement.It's definitely worth your time.) 4.Broadsword (found near the badly nerfed astora sword which makes it a pointless weapon imo) 5.Battle Axe (This is a guaranteed drop if you convert the deep axe into a raw weapon. I would probably not mess with this, but it's a decent raw weapon that features warcry.) I only learned english a couple years ago, I speak it better than I write it, so sorry if I spelled something wrong or have poor grammar. Please feel free to fact check this, I could be wrong about the order, or maybe I missed one that you know about. The one thing that really sucks about this list is that none of these weapons have a thrusting attack (RIP Astroa SS), despite the broadsword having a pointed tip that was designed for thrusting and sharing the same weapon art as the other straight swords. I just wish I knew more about raw weapons before starting the game, because I would have built my character very differently. My second character started as a knight, with a fire gem (first longsword right away!) used a combo of the raw mace and falchion and I was able to just pour stats into vigor and edurance until I got to 40/40. I then got the 18/14 for the dragonslayer axe and it was like the game went into easy mode. I began fine tuning into a strength build that used the insanely good millwood battle axe with a heavy gem, which again made the game feel like easy mode. Even the Ringed City was not bad with that weapon. So I hope this helps one person. Cheers.



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I just bought this for my XB One, and I'm really looking forward to it and I am so happy I saw this post. I selected a knight to start with and just got to firelink and was planning to sit down and see what's what. Your post gives me excellent ideas and I am definitely going to following this model. I'm so happy I did not start leveling. All I did was make a fire longsword for the first area, nothing else except a couple points into vigor and endurance. This is a big help, thank you for doing this. I have one question, I saw you talked about an axe, the millwood battle axe, can you get that early on?
Just do a search for the millwood battle axe on this site, it tells you exactly where to get it. It's not really early game per say, but you can get it as soon as you get access to the Ashes DLC. If you want, you can just run past all the enemies, grab the axe, and I would recommend get the shield the knights have as well because it's the best PvE shield in the game imo, and then you're good to go.
millwood axe raw is pretty pointless but for my quality build it is mad good refined
I think the raw mace is seriously the best overall raw weapon in tha game. It's a steal only needing 12 strength instead of the 18/14 for the dragonslayer that everyone else uses and you can get it in the first 30 minutes and have it to +4 by undead settlement. its also very good in pvp with its weapon skill although I do not see it used by many. just my opinion
Yes indeed
Love this blog, had help me alot to understand the game!
I'm pretty new to dark souls. I played the first one when I was 11 or 12 and found it way to hard, totally out of my depth as a preteen. But I got this as a gift for my birthday a couple months ago and I have become hooked, and I definitely plan to buy the remastered version for xbox as well. Only thing I do not like is the hate messaging I get constantly from PvP players. It's a totally different game in that regard, strategy is so vastly different from the way you approach the environment. I was really horrible when I started, I got invaded and just assumed it was game over unless the blue dude came along to help me. But I made nice friends in the community that hosted fight clubs where I could practice, I got my confidence up which I think was my main problem, I can now parry any weapon attack that is able to be parried pretty much on instinct, mages are troublesome but I rarely see them anymore. I used to use a greatshield, now I rarely use any shield unless it is used to parry or absorb elemental damage from boss AoEs, and I'm not really big on invading, but if I get invaded, I went from winning only like 5% of the time a few weeks ago, to winning about 85% of the time now. I have found this game very rewarding. But like last week, I noticed I had over half a dozen messages of pure hate from users I don't even remember fighting. Like really nasty stuff. I have gotten all my items needed to max out covenant ranks, so I have no use of invading anymore, and when I do, it's playing mainly with friends joking around, trying to kill each other with the broken sword. When I do get invaded and kill the invader, I don't point down, even if I beat them in a matter of seconds, I just go on with my normal game. I guess the reason I'm writing this is to ask the community if this is normal, or is this more just an xbox thing? I realize this probably sounds really naive, however, I don't play video games much at all now with school, and never play online games aside from this, and my friends say that it happens to them but that it's usually rare or just the same frustrated player that is unhappy. Just over the last week I have gotten messages from 6 different accounts mad as all heck. I've had to block 3 members, so I gotta ask, is this normal for this game on ps4 and pc as well, or am I just that lucky? I'm seriously asking.
Started playing again recently only had really problems with some particularly annoying reds. On Xbox most of the PvP community seems like it’s fun still. Had some great fights.
I used to get a lot of hate mail back when halo 3 was a big online thing but nah, i ain't never experienced angry feedback like I have from this game. In DS1 I used to get positive mail from people that I had beaten asking me questions about how I did something or what weapon armor combo I was wearing or maybe questions about my build. It be a different world now mate, get used to it
After playing on both consoles at length I can say that the xbox community, while smaller than PS4, has the better players and more classy and honorable fights. I'm not sure why that is, as I am more a PS4 gal, but this particular title has a very loyal and tight nit following on the xbox one, just as DS1 did on the 360. You will see names you remember if you were active during the DS1 period on xbox.
Is it bad to say that I wish I was in your position? Sure, I’m a sunbro, but at the same time I love being told how terrible of a person I am.


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This is pretty normal tbh, sorry you're running into rude peeps
DSR > DS2 < DS3
Just ordered DS2 cuz it was on sale at the microsoft store for $9. I hear that veteran players of this game find DS2 much easier in comparison. Any feedback?
DS2 is the easiest of the 3 but damn is it a fun game. Tons of content, excellent NPC questlines, and the narrative is as intriguing as ever. DS2 is better than DS1 in my opinion but DS3 is still king.
If we're referring to pvp though DS3 has the worst PVP in my opinion. There's a lot of potential for fun and interesting builds but rolling is completely busted. Rolling takes very little stamina in this game allowing you to spam the hell out of it and the invincibility frames given last longer than both DS1 and DS2 combined. Hence why DS3 is also commonly referred to as "Roll Souls 3". DS1's PVP is a lot more strategic and enjoyable, however it is severaly plagued by braindead poise builds that R1 spam their way to dishonorable glory. DS2's PVP is the most fun for me personally. They patched a lot of the magic and weapons that were too strong initially so the game feels suprisingly balanced. Combat is fair and doesn't have a whole lot to exploit making it a consistently entertaining experience.
Well Hello and Greetings.Welcome to Dark Souls wiki!!! The Dark Souls 3 Community here is full of good people that promote positive discussions and that actually helps people get better at the game, feel better about themselves and command a more enjoyable experience for all. Please understand that to even ask a question (meaning there is something about Dark Souls that you don't already know and have not known for AWHILE) makes you inferior to everyone that has ever existed in the history of the world and of all things living or dead. Now I think that you should hit yourself as hard as you can in the face 3-4 times. Also consider jumping out of a moving car between 15-20 kph once a day, everyday, for the next 5 days. For this we all yield praise "Git Gud"!!!!! Now go harm your pets, yay!!!
Yeah the souls community is pretty toxic and unfriendly.
Damn, who shat in your cereal? Just go to the ds3 subreddit and ask a question. Bet you 500 dollars someone will help you within 12 hours. Every community has toxic people in it
If anyone happens to read this with knowledge of the weapons and items that have been nerfed as well as buffed as of late 2019, meaning ain't nothin ever gonna change again, and could list or just send me in the right direction of where I might be able to find said information, I would be very grateful. In the past when I have asked this I was directed to excel spreadsheets of complex looking values for every weapon in the game. That's cool and all, but I just want a simple list, what has been nerfed and buffed from the first, to the last patch. Example, raw astora ss nerf, raw broadsword buff. Heavy and refined nerf, sharp buff.
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All of the weapon pages are updated to address patches and changes that happened over the course of the game's lifespan. So.. you don't need a list sent to you. Just look up the weapons on this wiki
all trophies thanks to you
I'm so glad this fextra wiki is always popping and expanding, unlike the stagnant & dead nioh wiki (which only came out 2 years ago, rip)