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I'm also on Xbox One. There is still a small PvP community, but it mainly consists trashy cheaters. So what I do mainly is Co-op with newer players that what help early on. My current character is the jack of all trades build that I got up to level 350. So drop me a gamertag and we can set a password. Then I can help you out early, especially if you don't have the DLC, as I could drop you some titanite of different sizes that might make the game a little less frustrating early on for ya. But it will still be very challenging I promise. I'm on a lot and love playing quest Co-op as a supporting character, it's a lotta fun. Hit me up anyone.
Grinding pretty hard for that build are ya? One thing I will say about building a character that way in coop is U get to see what U like and dont like real quick. I ended up making a pryo warrior that blasts you with high dex dark weapons. Kinda like my job in real life in a very very exaggerated way.
I installed the ringed city dlc but the bonfire isn't there
must kill lady friede to access ringed city dlc
Or enter it through the bonfire before the Soul of Cinder
Yeah like I think these other gentlemen were trying to explain, you have to get to a certain point in the base game before you can access some of the DLC. For example, you cannot start Ashes until you get to Cathedral of the Deep I believe, where you meet a NPC at the bonfire. After beating the final boss in Ashes, you can then warp from a bonfire to the Ringed DLC. However, if you only have Ringed, I believe you can get there another way. You can easily find out by simply reading this Wiki.
I don't know what yall are talking about. I just came over from PS4 in the last month, on Xbox one now and I literally have to either play offline or join a covenant that does not auto summon you in if I wanna focus on the game. It's constant PvP. However it relies a lot on the blues and the dark covenants. Like for the Blades I got the 30 proofs I needed in about 5 hours yesterday afternoon. So from my experience the xbox community is a lot more active in terms of console play.
im on xbox at sl 120. the pvp is good for me. i get my butt kicked on the regular by invaders
i play on xbox and I'm 8 and I'm on pontiff
What do you mean you're 8? Like you're 8 years old, or you're SL 8, or what? I'll help you if you need it and you're trying to beat the game at a low SL. I'm SL 420. I'm stopping here. I can still take out arrogant SL 802 in PvP.
I own a PS4, but I always play souls games, and hardcore RPGs the require 100s-1000s of hours on PC for obvious reasons. The PC scene, like others have said is very active at all SL's. But when I was showing my friends son how to develop a build on PS4, I think we only had 1-2 invasions and about 6 summons for Darkmoon, in about 60 hours of total playtime. So a full normal playthrough with the DLC. So it's pretty dead. I do know for a fact, that some PC users have ways to edit there save files in such a way that it can travel to their Xbox's. Because a large number of serious PC gamers use the Windows OS, there seem to be ways through certain programs to make your PC save compatible with Microsoft systems. There are several videos on youtube where people transfer their saves into Xbox from PC and vice versa. I was able to take my Skyrim save from my old 360 and transfer it to the PC and then back again onto the 360. I'm guessing it might be more challenging to do it on Xbox One, but I watched a guy do it on youtube do it with several games, including DS 3 from PC to Xbox. So that is something to consider.
xbox pretty dead but pontiff has action play pvp there all time sorry for bad english
ola , alguem no servidor BR , pode me ajudar a passar do chefe de Anor Londor ?
Any help at Aldrich??!!! Been helping *****ers for days and not one god damn reach around