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Hi, Im trying to reach " or simply Fexelea" about keeping updates on 3 wiki pages until the official Japanese version launches as these are GM version links of videos of the final version of the introductory levels I would like to request they stay on the pages so other people can view the final version of the game. As well as help them make an informed buying choice of this game as well other users can use the videos as a guide to add to the wiki further.

please consider keeping a stay of these links temporarily on the pages I am having an issue of them being deleted until the game launches and we get total captures and proper uploads. I would also like to add I marked them under the trivia sections as to not interfere with the main wiki of each page.
If I might also add these links aren't even featured on the dark souls 3 wikia so this could be a good opportunity to get more uniques per page leading to more ad revenue before the game launches.
OK, fair enough Castielle thank you for the info I will consider becoming a member and asking about future additions on the forums. As for the videos I appreciate you didn't take down the ones for the untended graves I hope you can see the merit of the videos by viewing them assuming you should have the chance.




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Hello. You can reach Fexelea here: The reason your videos are being taken down is because we only allow people to put their videos on this wiki that contribute to the community and wiki. If you would like to post your videos here, create an account, interact with the community and edit the wiki and THEN ask.
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Nice job, great wiki

Anyone know what the secret Vip ?
I truly am so eager for this game. I have several hundred hours invested in the games on this computer alone, and who knows how long when you count my console plays. I truly hope I can win a copy, as I may not be able to soon get it for awhile if not. I shall be doing an intellect build for my first, as I always do an intellect build. I swear, there is so much about this game worth being excited over.
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I am not able to buy Dark Souls III because i just dont have the money. Being that this series is my favorite i need a copy. I was hoping to win one through the sweepstakes, so if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.
Use the link to enter
Hey Zexecutioner, I know The Hp and Mana show are doing a give away on YouTube, just do a search The Hp and Mana show give away.



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Shouldn't there be a weapon skill template for wiki pages?



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Yes, working on it! Sorry there's so much to do!
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ready wiki pages


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13 days left, and I have 52 entries. I've come on here everyday to get the daily entries, so I can't wait until the giveaway is over and I inevitably win nothing because God is dead and there is nothing good in this world.
i'm glad thank you nice fex