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I was wondering whether other players limit their builds/playstyles, in order to make PvP more interesting. I understand that most people try to use their builds to their maximum effectiveness by using buffs, min-maxing stats, etc. I feel that I play the opposite, but not because of ignorance toward ideal setups. I play with a "gimped" (no upgraded armor, fashion only, no magic/buffs, inefficient/unfocused stats) character because it improves me as a player, and it is more fun to challenge myself. Sometimes I'll limit myself to only using a weapon that I'm less proficient in for an extended period of time, so I can learn how to use it better. So, my question to everyone is if they have things that they'll abide by when they fight, even if they're detrimental to them winning that battle.


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I think I intentionally limit myself when I do videos as in, if I am showcasing a particular weapon, I won't switch to a different weapon even after or parry, or to finish off an opponent. Not in video recording mode, I also limit myself, but in a non-min-maxing way. Meaning, my stats aren't up to par with particular weapons because I am constantly switching weapons. I also never buff my character or weapon, which is somewhat limiting. Extremely rarely I might use bleed serum but bleed generally sucks anyway haha. I also don't use necessarily the best gear for my character, I try to use armor that keeps me under 40% encumbrance, and I am not cool enough to care about fashion souls as much either. I tend to use weapons that aren't used as much, but not sure if that is counted as gimping oneself. I love the variety.

I do think, in a sense, gimping oneself can create an overall better player but there are those players who gimp themselves just so they can have an excuse if they lose. I find a lot of people, whether or not they'd admit that, fall in that category because it is rare to see someone so good that gimping themselves makes fights more fair.

On a side note, I find when I fight a gimped out player, wearing no armor and using a ladle, it actually upsets me. To me I don't care about the fight because I should win the fight fairly easily. Easy fights aren't fun for me unless there is something extremely unique about them. So as a sort of unneeded answer to a question you didn't ask haha, I think you should only gimp or limit yourself, if you can still make a competitive fight and all can benefit from having fun.



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I never buff in any way.
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Let me count the ways...

1. Fashion Souls above all else.
2. Hardly ever buff.
3. Rarely bother with getting +2/+3 rings.
4. Use unorthodox weapons. (shortsword, halberd) ..generally avoid things like chaos blade, warped sword, ice rapier.
5. Never go full Havels (unless cosplay with fatroll)
6. No healing, even when I can (95% of the time, there are rare occasions involving ganks/warmth)

Just some of my personal rules to keep me from going full hollow.
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I normally try to go for a distinct look and buffing can normally ruin that look that I'm going for. Not to mention if it's just outright cosplay of a character from a previous game I refuse to do anything that character didn't do fighting wise. I suppose in that sense I limit myself quite a bit.

Oh and if I'm not doing cosplay I go get Veronica (my Lucerne) and die a lot.
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It depends by what you mean.

If you're talking about in general, no.

But if I find that I am beating a person consistently, I'll gradually start wearing different rings and armor. I'm also always wearing a "Ring of the living".


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usually ever souls game I will make a "I want to win" build at some point but 99% of my pvp builds are either gimmicks or builds meant to do one thing and one thing only. This results in every build I make having some "flaw" that I just shrug and ignore because it gives me something to worry about during a fight. It makes it more interesting for me.

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I never really min/max. I always roll with unoptimised gear and non fully upgraded gear simply because farming for a bit of extra defence is just not my thing.

Other than that, I just play however I feel like. I'll use stupid builds if I want, or use buffs (I mean why would you invest in a stat if you're not going to make use of it?)

Also going through the game to get the upgraded rings isn't worth it either. Just get to the pvp, no need to farm for hours
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I don't do PVP( blaming my internet connection here), but I don't min/max on PVE either. Mostly because I've got no fricking idea how to make a good build, but yeah.
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I'm one of the founders of an adult gamer group that's existed for almost ten years. It's called the Short Bus Crew. Believe me, I don't need to actively do ANYTHING to gimp myself.
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