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Looking for some help for SOTFS edition PC version @ around 233k SM.

Basically, I have farmed Heide's Tower so no Heide knights are respawning (completely tapped the zone dry of them) farming the armor sets. I have a bunch of swords, armor, legs... we are talking many many hours of farming. Most of the zone is just dead and not respawning save for one or two Old Knights (giants)

... but NO gauntlets. I have no bonfire ascetic, now.

Short of waiting until I get more bonfire ascetics, is there ANYONE out there that would be willing to trade or toss me a pair of the gauntlets they don't need?

I'd really appreciate it. I have everything else, but this lack of gauntlets is messing with my OCD bad, and I really want the full set.

I sincerely appreciate any help. Thanks a ton.



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One general rule applies to SotFS:
Farming ---> Company of Champions

Joining the Company of Champions makes enemies to respawn, no matter how many times you kill them. However, the Bonfire Intensity 'secretly' raises by 1.
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