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By Castielle
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//EDIT: It's been more than one year since launch, we are no longer looking to add partners. Please apply earlier next time!//

It's that time again! With Dark Souls 3 just around the corner, and the Japanese release even sooner, there will no doubt be an influx of videos on the Wiki. It can get extremely chaotic and to avoid spending hours everyday just removing videos or organizing them into the right location, we've created this thread.

Please post here if you wish to be allowed to post LINKS to your videos on the Dark Souls 3 Wiki (Video embeds are strictly forbidden except in special cases). Please post a bit about yourself, your channel and what sort of video content you'd like to contribute.


Priority consideration will be given to:

1. Community members who have been active in the Fextralife community. Active in this case means: posted on the forums, edited a wiki, participated in events and streams or have moderated.

2. People posting appropriate content for the page they wish to place their links. We don't need a 45 minute video of your unedited playthrough with a link to the time stamp of whatever you want to contribute. Edit your videos to as short as possible. Being helpful and concise will trump presentation here.

3. People posting content on pages with few or no existing video links. Simply put, we don't need 8 boss guide videos for each boss. If you create videos for things that other people don't you will be more likely to be accepted.

4. People who applied before others. People who apply now will have a much greater chance then those who wait until or after release. If you are not sure if you will make videos, but you think you might, apply now to help solidify your spot.

If you are accepted your name will be posted below (this thread will be updated daily). Once accepted you MUST:

a. Include a link to the Wiki or Wiki Page that your video is on in your video's description. This helps out the Wiki and gives it something in return for all the views your videos will get. You MUST do this for EACH video.

b. You must name the link a short description of your video. Here is a an example of how they should look: http://imgur.com/6NZ7bks. It is no longer necessary to post your name next to the description.

c. You must become an active member of the community. You will not be allowed to continue to add ONLY video links to the Wiki and contribute nothing else. It is expected that you help edit the pages you put your video links in, filling in missing information if you can or adding TEXT strategies. Alternatively you can participate in discussions in the forums or in the comments.

Please keep in mind that a violation of these guidelines may result in the immediate removal of your videos.

List of Accepted Channels:

KaptenAmurika - TSMP
Xuitus - XuitustheGreat
TheGadgetAddicts - Judas
Kamies - Kamies
Primera Espada - Primera Espada81
Icezilla - Icegodzilla
Lady Mondeegreen - announakis
Animegayboy - marine benology

Also for those of you wanting to do collaborations - remember you can provide me with footage and I will add it to the Fextralife channel with credit to you. We can do optional videoediting and narration -

Remember that this is a first come first serve opportunity. If you'd like to make Boss videos or Weapon Guides etc, keep in mind there will be many others applying to make the exact same type of videos and we can't allow everyone to put them on the Wiki.

Best of luck!

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By ElvesRule
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Hey, Cas, I like that you'll be filtering videos. I may have mentioned a time or 10 to spammers that I will NEVER fall for their click bait, just to help them monetize their hobby.
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By JudasBlitzkrieg
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As with DkS2 and BB I'll be making a metric tonne of videos. Primarily I'll be doing area walkthroughs, individual boss videos and possibly lore stuff. But I'll definitely look at getting area walkthroughs up on the wiki

Link is in my sig :)
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By Kamies
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I did plenty of work on the boss pages of Bloodborne and added videos of the most challenging bosses. I wish I can continue this work on Dark Souls 3 too. I don't monetize my videos btw. Just want to help players. Link to my channel is in my signature. Here is one of my strategy videos:
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By PrimeraEspada91
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Afternoon Cas,

I would like to be allowed to post links to my future DS3 videos for/on the wiki. I am vague abstract concept who likes the Souls series and other miscellaneous games. Here is a link to my channel :
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXR4LP ... uOErltKIwA
On the channel, I do Bloodborne videos relating to character dialogue, low level flawless boss fights, gank fights, pvp fights, glitches, testing (dmg/weps) , and lastly, important items/tools/weps video.

The sort of video content I'd like to contribute would probably be dialogue, directions on where to find the more rarer items and perhaps, flawless and/or low level boss fights. Out of those previous stated, dialogue would be the most important to me to do and I can also record other things, as needed.
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By Icegodzilla
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Hey cas I don't have too much experience, but if you need someone to do weapon move set videos or possibly spell casting videos I can probably do that. Though it will probably take me awhile to do every weapon since I don't have a save editor or mule.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCewdOI ... XoIG_ABDhA

Edit this is my best edited video:
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By Fexelea
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Will be good to get a variety in! :D

Also for those of you wanting to do collaborations - remember you can provide me with footage and I will add it to the Fextralife channel with credit to you. We can do optional videoediting and narration - and have helped make some fantastic guides
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By PrimeraEspada91
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Collaborations sounds fun, I would be down to do a few. B-)
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