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I know i am way late into the game and all, but i finally picked up my copy of the game and wanted to get into the pvp community. I do hope its not dead, and if there is a pop covenant that is still alive please post here. I would love to join it. My sign is TheHippyClown for xbox one, add me if you like. would enjoy chatting with whoever.



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Dunno about Xbox One, but Brotherhood of Blood and the Dragon Covenant are both very active on PC and PS4. The Bell Keepers are also quite active at lower Soul Memory. The Blue Sentinels are basically dead however, and I have no idea if the Rat King Covenant has anybody doing anything in it on any platform.
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Red & Dragon invasions on the Bridge are still very active for SM 150-250 though you will start to see a lot of familiar faces after a while. Also the red v red duels are still very active.

Blue invasions are dead sadly. I got my Max Level char to rank 4 a while back, but am saddened that I do not get to show up in many worlds cloaked in blue flames. I get like 1 invasion every 10-15 mins of spamming the blue orbs.

I havent been invaded in a Rat Covenant area in ages, and the last time it did happen I nuked the guy/girl and all of its pets with Sunlight spear before they even got close. (The joys of playing a Max Level, you occasionaly get people that have HUGE SM but are still low levels. God.Have.Mercy.)
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