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So at suday i've started to read the witcher books again.... for now i've finished Last wish and Sword of Destiny.
I plan to finish other 5 books by the end of this month. Now i remember why after all this years i still love them.
Those little things, those little stories like
Geralt which've found his mother after so many years

Rejecting Ciri twice; thinking about destiny and then after Nilfgaard troops attack on Cintra and reuniting with Ciri

make your heart go fast and leaves you with smile.
Imo its really bad that they didnt described every part of what happened in time between the end of the books and the beginning of the game cause it coulvd've been a good book material.
I just want to know more story between Letho from Guletha and Geralt, or his time at Wild Hunt and the stories of other worlds.
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I didn't read the books and I don't plan to. And I really love the games. I think that games should be self-contained. That's hard with TW-series of course, because it is based on the books. In a way I'm glad that I didn't read the books. It makes sure that I won't be disappointed by the game when characters and/or events in the books differ. There are some characters that pop up out of nowhere and who Geralt seems to know very well. In that case there is always the wiki or the internet. ;)
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I recall that the intro to the first game and the first book are identical

Geralt goes to a city to hunt a Striga that's been killing the townsfolk, and tries to cure it, by leaving it out of it's coffin and sleeping in it instead. He half succeeded and turned her physical body back to normal, but her mind is still savage, and she wounds him. The book however had more detail into what was going on, wheres the game just showed all of this in the intro cutscene with no dialogue
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I read the books and only played some of Witcher 3. I have to still read the last one since it isn't in english yet. From the books I read I actually enjoyed the books more. My favorite part of Witcher 3 was Gwent.

I wonder if there will ever be a book covering the events that happened in Witcher 3.

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