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Ive been placing my summon sign down and invadinf people and they all usually just lag kill me or are high levels and wreck me so Im asking for some help

I play on xbone sotfs username is Xthemrninjax
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im going to tell you a simple tactic to win 90% of your dragon encounters it wont work on people with no sense of honor WARNING THIS IS A DIRTY CUTTHROAT TACTIC

So this is what i did i was done with dragon covenant in no time at all things you will need 1 full estus 2 climax 3 a dragon bro victim (works better if you summon them rather than being summoned)

step 1 summon the victim and wave hello stone whichever you perfer then this is where we get dirty drink 9-11 estus the normal response from the other person is they start doing the same now stop once they start and hit them with climax gg you win :devil:
now like i said this only works on people with a sense of honor to drink their own estus incase they dont drink them simply go on and fight them but wait for them to spam r1 or l1 most eventually do climax them then i
Now incase they roll or you miss if your a pure hexer i hope you have dark orb or a weapon if your melee or any other caster just go on with your normal fighting style
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Alright I guess ill try that, scumbag ninja coming thru


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I can give u a tactic that ın ıron keep when u fight a drgaon invader and ıf u want to win use this tactic : go to other worlds because when u die u can lose ur human form and hp if u go to anthr world ur hp bar is fulled but not fully healed and u had an advantage that u can use mobs for kill the worlds master and ı used a rapier +10raipier(it can be another rapier ice raipier) and if u use dark weapon resonant weapon sunlight balde or other buffs and with a tamina ring u can be unbeatable ı defeated many players with this build and if u want u can use toxic or poison arows