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By Fexelea
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As you all know, our Blog Revamp is now complete with a sleek dark look that matches our games and wiki layouts. I wanted to share our vision for what the blog will be:
  • Daily articles and news, on par with bigger gaming websites, but tailored to the games our users enjoy
  • Features, opinion pieces and reviews by gamers, with the unique know-how from those who really play the games. No media bias!
  • A platform for everyone who has something to say or share: Focus on Author pages
Key features
  • Starting today, anyone with 50+ posts is automatically a contributor. You can go to the blog and add an article that easy.
  • Editors will add images and video of your choosing as per your request, and help you promote your content
  • A thread is automatically created in the forums to discuss your content
  • Author pages for your articles: introduce yourself, your social media and showcase all of your content
  • Editor Support: Editors will help you with article tips and tricks on request. We also have Writing advice and support threads to guide you.
  • Have published works that people read, increase your visibility and recognition
  • Our articles are read and shared in places like N4G.com, but also by developers themselves! (Media Molecule, Zenimax, Namco and others have re-shared and re-tweeted Fextra articles)
  • Reach our Forum, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Wiki audience through RSS feeds of your work
  • Promote your work and content without spamming - an article is better than a "check out my video" post.
  • Contribute to the community by sharing your ideas
How to: Getting Started
  1. If you don't have 50 posts yet but want to write articles, PM me and I can add you as a contributor
  2. Once added, go to the blog and click on "dashboard"
  3. Here you can edit your profile and add your social media links and author "blurb"
  4. You can also add a new post, or view the calendar to see what was published or is scheduled

How to: Article posting
You can add a new article easily by clicking "add new" under posts. These images show you the available options:

You can save your draft and come back to it later, nobody can see it until it is published (except the editors). Once you are happy with your draft, click "Submit for Review". The editor will see your article, add category/tags/featured image etc and schedule it.

You can see the calendar to see what posts are already scheduled ahead

There will be more features coming to the site and blog as the year goes by, remember you can become a vip to help make them happen. Also feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions via this thread.

I look forward to reading all of your articles! :00008:
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By EldritchImagination
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Great. I'm actually working on something I planned to put in the forums.
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By Alkaiser
I'm planning on writing some fan fiction. It just so happens there hasn't been any on the blog since last year! :lol:
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By Fallenangel700
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skarekrow13 wrote:There is no "might," only "do"
I didn't know Skare was Yoda.
Anyways, this sounds cool. I'll take a look.
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By skarekrow13
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You didn't know? Really? Let's do the breakdown...

Yoda: Small, lightsaber, knows Luke Skywalker, green

Me: Above average height, no lightsaber, thinks Mark Hamill is a really good voice actor for The Joker, so white that I make Casper the Ghost look tan

I mean, we're practically twins right?
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By Emergence
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Writing about gaming is really gratifying especially because you get to share your passion with others who feel similarly. Even if you have the smallest kernel of an idea just shoot us a pm and we can help you grow it! There are so many eloquent silver tongues in the community who would find a second home in the more expansive platform of the blog.
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