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Beck no longer works for Fox News.

He was too crazy, even for them.

Shows how out of the loop I was... Still, good to hear. Next they need to get rid of O'reily too.


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Good intentions, sir, but don't be surprised if the thread ends up being another debate about which ending choice is the bestest.

Fiery Phoenix wrote...

Good intentions, sir, but don't be surprised if the thread ends up being another debate about which ending choice is the bestest.

Pretty sure that's already been settled. My ending choice is.

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You have no idea how long I looked for a translation of that song title and couldn't find it, thanks OP! Faunts has some amazing stuff, try listening to Sleepwalker or a few other tracks of theirs.

Cthulhu42 wrote...

Choosing Destroy doesn't make you a complete monster.

Between the Godzilla threshold, the alternatives and the social contract the war effort entered into, I would say Destroy is certainly the most justified action to take. You know things are beyond ****ed when collatoral genocide polls as the "best" move...

But the whole thing is a giant Morton's Fork of unpleasantness...
It's designed to be the single hardest choice you have to make in the series...

The more I think about it, I think Javik was a representation of what war against an unstoppable enemy can do to a person. He was at least partially written after the ending was...

Javik: War is atrocity commited in the name of survival.

Javik: It shapes me. A stone is shaped by the one who carves it. The stone has no choice in the form it will take. You and I, Commander, war is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.

Shepard: Nothing in our fight against the Reapers has been that cut-and-dried.
Javik: Because you still hope this war will end with your honor intact. Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask their ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer.

Javik: Do not waiver. Victory is never won without difficult choices.
Shepard: I know. I’ve had to make a lot of those.
Javik: There may be more. But I know you will see this through for all of us—No matter the cost.

Javik: Only the foolish mourn the loss of innocence. It is inevitable. The galaxy has never rewarded the naive.

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It's a good song. But definitely not my favorite from the Faunts (M4 Part II, Will You Tell Me Then, and Input are too awesome)
Definitely has to do with being godless, as the Reapers are portrayed as such in all the games