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I'm sure the nature of Seath's research in the Duke's Library and his motivations for doing so have been discussed several times in forums like these. It has been indicated that it has taken a toll on his mind. I've been thinking exactly what it was that specifically drove over the brink of mental stability? Maybe the answer is more obvious to others as it is to me, or maybe there was a piece of lore I missed. I mean, the first thing that appeared in my mind in regards to this is that the poor guy overworked himself after tirelessly searching for the solution of growing immortal scales, but this seems rather banal. Another thought is that even he, a dragon, is subject to the curse of the un-dead (i.e. gradually turning hollow). If that's the case, would that make him an undead dragon? Furthermore, is the nature of his research not simply for purposes of immortality, but also to reverse the effects of the curse?

Also, on a slight tangent, why the hell does the guy have tentacles for legs???



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I'll start with the Leg tentacles. It was stated that Serpents are failed Dragons, and by Seath having tentacles it seems that it shows he is a deformed dragon only barely above the Primordial Serpents.

Next Seath's research had more that the scales of Immortality. IN fact it had to do with the Primordial Crystal that Granted him Immortality. By researching this Crystal he was able to create a number of Crystal sorceries, Crystal Soldiers, and Crystal Golems. It was the Research on this Crystallization that most likely drove him mad. It is hinted at by Big Hat Logan Going Mad by reading Seath's Research notes on the above mentioned sorcery. Crystallization in general seemed maddening.

Also don't forget Seath warped a number of women into the PIsaca.

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