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Hi all i'm trying to go for a murakumo build for a new character and i was thinking on something like this, so any suggestion are welcome

Still can decide is going for wolf ring or havel or maybe take 5 points from dex and give those to vit

Or instead going for a uchigatana and do something like this

and change pyro/magic everynow and then


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this is a much, much better build for you at the same level
let me go over the reasons that this build is better:

- fastroll
- 61 poise (78 is not a poise break)
- good defense given the weight of the weapon
- good variety of weapons to choose from
- better health

as far as actual build suggestions go, if you can manage to get all of that in a different build then fine. There's no reason to ever midroll unless your weapon is incredibly heavy or you're in full giantmom.