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Here is my most successful build yet. I mainly invade/host in the Burg/Township and host in the Forest.

Some notes:

-Iaito's R2 brutally punishes whiffs/slow attacks/roll-spam (though overuse will lead to repeated backstabs, this is mitigated by very conservative use of this move) and it's my favorite weapon in the game

-Pyromancies are not central but act as a 'trick up my sleeve,' for example baiting a slugger (which I'm not afraid to do with 92 poise) and firing off Fire Tempest, finishing off a weakened foe with Black Flame, etc

-Chameleon just because I enjoy using it so much, especially when hosting in the Forest

Other than that I understand this a largely typical dexterity build;
what I'm looking for honest judgement of my integration of Pyromancies and Chameleon into this build, as well as my poise and ring/armor choice.


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i made a few simple adjustments to your build
now it has more health, more defense, the poise is good with wolf as long as you're not hit with a zweihander, and good weapons too. you can also take off the wolf ring and be fine against katanas, which means you can flip easy against similar builds.

swap out the shield for the catalyst if you still really want chameleon. the iaito isn't bad but it's not a chaos blade.



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That's a pretty good build zen_tranquil. I noticed you put 18 points in attunement, but 2 of those points dont really do anything. Consider lowering to 16 (still 4 slots) or bumping up to 19 (5 slots).

Personally I love the iaito too and prefer it over the Chaos Blade. Saves you a point of weight and lower strength requirements. You could also consider using curved swords like the Shotel or Gold Tracer if you have the DLC whenever you require something that bypasses shields or something with a faster bleed build up. These weapons are lighter too, allowing you to put a light chest piece on (like the Black Sorcerer Cloak).

45 Dexterity gives you the fastest cast speed, but in terms of weapon damage the difference is very minimal between 40 and 45. You could consider lowering Dex to 40 and use those extra 5 points for something else.

I like your ring setup, it allows for lot's of options. Consider swapping that wolf ring out mid-battle if you think you can do without the poise and put in the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring for extra Pyro damage or the Hornet ring.

Have fun ;D