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Hi everyone

We have come a long way since our Wikispaces humble home, and are now looking to revamp our beloved Dark Souls I wiki. We need help to get the wiki updated with more modern techniques such as tabs and its formatting more coherent.

I have updated the Wiki's To-Do List, you can find it here: https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/todo

The Dark Souls Wiki needs a revamp to match modern browsing and wiki tricks. To-do as follows:

1. All pages should have a link back to their category page and a revisiondate. In wikitext, the top of all pages must look like this:

Code: Select all//>> [[Category]]//
<span style="display: block; text-align: right;">Updated {$Revisiondate}</span>
**Name of Page** is a ?? in Dark Souls. etc etc

2. Table of Contents should be removed unless necessary. H1s used for Flat TOC must be removed and replaced with H2 and H3.
3. Headings should not be colored. Remove all color from headings.
4. Large images need to have a _small version created and the _small version added to the page, linking to the large image.
5. Pages should be tagged by category and a "tag cloud" table added at the bottom of each page for easy navigation. Example: Beast Claw in Bloodborne - tagged "trick weapon" and showing other trick weapons.

Reformatting for specific pages
1. Bonfires needs a full revamp, make it similar to Dark Souls 2
2. About Dark Souls, Humanity, Online, Patches needs reformatting, removing of backgrounds, possible application of spoiler code or tabs etc.
3. Covenants, Controls, FAQ needs Tabs
4. Artorias of the Abyss (Expansion) needs tabs and reformatting for better presentation.
5. Magic should be changed from spoilers to tabs and Sortable code should be added.
6. Armor needs images of all fully equipped sets, and a transition to tabs with alphabetical order, same to Dark Souls 2 Counterpart
7. Sortable lists of head, chest, hand and leg armor pieces should be created and added as a wiki table with sortable code.
8. Shields page should change to tabs, and colors be matched to the Weapons colors that work better with dark background.
9. Weapons tab code should be fixed so it doesn't break (use page includes, will have to create more tabtitle and tabcontent pages)
10. Boss Soul Weapons needs icons of the weapons for formatting uniformity.
11. Upgrades needs tabs
12. Rings needs bulletpoint and centering removal, sortable code added
13. Items page needs tabs, same as Dark Souls 2 Counterpart
14. Summon Range Calculator has an unnecessarily large image.
15. Lore page needs tabs, reformatting, video removal
16. Places needs reformatting, to match Bloodborne Counterpart
17. All individual locations need reformatting, tagging, video removal
18. NPCs needs reformatting, and considering possibility of using columns instead of table.
19. Merchants needs tabs, individual pages reformatting and image consideration.
20. Enemies and Bosses needs tabs, spoilers, images and reformatting - possibly to mimic Bloodborne's style
21. Game Progress Route should also have a table like Bloodborne's quick view
22. Walkthroughs should change to mimic Bloodborne's Style
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