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I knew, before even coming into this thread, that it would be Yami Tamashi. Yes, I'd say he's probably the best there is ;_;

Damn him not being on PS3, I've always wanted to fight him. My title means nothing on PC :^(
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This guy is clearly pretty good. It's a shame most of this video is him just spamming MLGS and slow pyromancies on people who are bad at dodging. Makes for fun montage stuff, but doesn't do a good job of showcasing his skills. From just this video, I'd say he's not nearly the best. A lot of PvP'ers in Dark Souls play like him, where they become EXTREMELY good at exploiting common mistakes, but then when they come up against an opponent who doesn't make those mistakes, they fold. Obviously I can't say for sure from one video obviously, but that's what he looks like to me. Still impressive stuff. He's a lot better at gankspanks than I'll ever be, that's for sure :P

Personally, the best DkS PvP'er I've fought against is Roanispe. He used to frequent here. He always talked very highly of a PvP'er called Twinkle-Marou. I never fought Twinkle-Marou—He was a JP or Korean player, and I didn't play in the Niconico fightclubs—but if he was good enough to impress Roanispe, I'd say he has a real shot at "Best DkS PvP'er in the World."
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He is very good. It's obvious he is in control of the mechanics of his weaponry, positioning, & anticipation based on prior move sets used by his opponent. He always places himself in the proper PvP position in opposition to his opponent to best maximize his selections while minimizing the potential damage he can take. To me, that always is one major tell sign of who knows what they are doing.
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Old-ish topic but I still need to add:
None of Yami Tamales videos will ever even come close to the amount of carnage in nico nico montages.

Geru Salt is who yami wishes he could be, down to the core
"Team Rocket" is also really entertaining

And what you said yami is doing, med, is really basic. He is actually doing more than that, but it's not always shown in his videos due to people he fights. He is a really good player, and I enjoy his channel too, but I dislike his fans.

EDIT: I feel kinda bad, Yami's one of the best western uploaders. He's great. Ok I'm done.