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just finished reading "Metamorphosis" by Ovid and its story is very close to the lore of DS1. Maybe I'm late but was this story one of the books miyazaki gained inspiration from.

the story starts off by describing the world as a uniformed, single colored, and chaotic, than describes an event that changed and caused separation between the elements.

leads on to describe the flood and how the humans who were wrought with cannibalism, and greed had their city flooded by the gods.
the ones-sided love between Apollo (first born sun) and Daphne (gwynevere), which was caused by Cupid (gwyndolin) due to his jealousy of Apollo. perhaps that is why the first born sun was banished, and why the sun is gone in anor londo due to gwynevere (queen of sunlight) disappearance.

IDK if this has been discussed before, but perhaps i can get people to read metamorphosis one of the greatest works that came from ancient Rome.



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1 - This should be moved to the Archives.

2 - Metamorphosis is on my, already massive, to read list.

3 - Yeah, there are definitely some parallels between Ovid and Dark Souls, and considering its influenced almost everything else in Western Culture, I'm sure it's possible that its influenced this series as well.



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Interesting. I kinda hate classical Roman mythology, as I think it mostly took the stories from Greek myths, but altered their themes such that their revelatory insights into life and the human condition became "Rome is the best, don't **** with Rome."

Still, I am most familiar with Virgil, and I acknowledge that this is a vast generalization and perhaps I should actually check out some Ovid. I think I've only read scattered poems, potentially only chunks of them, even. But the parallels to Western mythology in DkS have always been incredibly interesting.
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It's possible. It's also possible that they both draw inspiration from the same sources:

1: The world beginning as an unformed, monochromatic wad of chaos, and then some event happens that causes all the elements to separate and organize? Lifted straight from old Norse mythology. If you substitute the ancient dragons for frost giants, the stories are all but indistinguishable. Gwyn becomes Odin, his knights are the vikings, Izalith is Muspelheim, etc etc.

2: Ancient Christian mythology. Angels came down to earth, took human women and made bastard hybrid superchildren, taught everyone stuff like how to smith weapons and the basic concepts of medicine, then came back an unspecified amount of time later only to see that instead of building a glorious civilization the humans were worshiping the stuff and using it for murder and increasingly creative acts of depravity. God gets mad, floods the world to wipe the slate clean, and picks the least **** of families to carry on.

3: Star-crossed (doomed) lovers is as old as Greek mythology and a constantly reused storyline since then. Though I feel I should mention, the reason for Gwyn's Firstborn's exile was stated in-game to be because he "lost the annals". Annals are historical records or articles of knowledge. Makes me wonder if he played more of a Prometheus role in the story...

All of this either pre-dates Rome or occurred before its final collapse, btw.


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Sorry, I thought this was pertaining to DS1 and DS2 due to DS2 being a direct sequel, and relies on the first for part of it's story.

Yeah I'm not to much of a big fan of Roman Lit stuff, but my friend kept pestering me to read Ovid's work, and I really like it lol.

I feel the similarities are uncanny, when I read the beginning poem, I almost felt like the dark souls poem in the begging of the game was inspired from Ovid's work.
I do agree this just could be just similarities coming from other work that both were inspired from.
There are some similarities to the bible and Norse mythology. Though all of these religions seem to derive something from each other. they all had a god of war, a trickster and mother goddess.

In Metamorphosis Apollo chased Daphne all around the place all the time until Daphne got tire of this and prayed to the sky which the story states is where the fire went and it turned her body into a tree. this caused the sky to lose the sun, thus making it possible that the "Annals" was the ability that the sun showing over Anor londo. Anor londo is city built on top of or in the general vicinity of the city that was flooded due to its sins, New Londo.

Without spoiling too much I'll say many themes and characters in this poem reminds me of the souls series ... You should give it a read or a look at it.