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This is by no means a theory, just a fun way to interpret summon signs.

Lordran is said to have time distorted, right? Then, what if instead of leaving signs to be found by someone in a different world, but to have a future PC to find the sign, and transporting you back to the time you put down the sign to help help a future self?

I know this is worded horrendously, so I do apologize. Again, this isn't a theory, just a fun way to think of summon signs!
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So, if I'm reading this correctly, you're saying: You put the sign down, to be found by a future you, for the past you (you you) to help them? Hmm, I can kinda see that working like that. But I like the idea of you putting the sign down, to be found by a past or future Chosen Undead and use for help.
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