By Bayonet Hipshot

Greetings folks.

In my opinion, Liara's romance across the series is very poorly written. Her romance across the three games and its DLC are just massive reaffirmation fests. Here is what I mean:-

ME1:- Romance Liara.

ME2 base game:- Reaffirm romantic relationship with Liara. ME2 LoTSB:- Reaffirm romantic relationship.

ME3:- Reaffirm romantic relationship.

The worst thing is that Liara's interactions in ME3 are completely identical whether you romance her or not.

By contrast, Tali and Garrus have romance arcs that are better written across the trilogy. I chose Tali and Garrus here because they are the only 2 non-Human romanceable followers that you as Shepard can have with you throughout the trilogy, like Liara.

ME1:- Tali & Garrus are just your friends and followers.

ME2:- Romance Tali or Garrus.

ME3:- Continue romantic relationship with Tali or Garrus from where you left off. Very little reaffirmation required.

The only thing Liara's romance does better than Tali's romance or Garrus's romance is the sex scenes.

Now if you don't romance either Tali or Liara or Garrus, this is what happens:-

Tali:- Moves on and either ends up with Garrus or is single or is dead.

Garrus:- Moves on and either ends up with Tali or is single or is dead.

Liara:- She stays in love with Shepard in a way that is reminiscent of someone who is clingy and obsessed with someone else.

I would like to be proven wrong on this, based on in-game evidence, not headcannons or fanfiction. Cheers.

By Sah291

The worst thing is that Liara's interactions in ME3 are completely identical whether you romance her or not.

I noticed that and can't help but feel like Liara has some unrequited feelings for Shepard, whether she's being romanced or not. So I just went with it as part of my headcanon. 

But as far as all the reaffirmations... do you think it's because people complained about the ninjamancing so much? ME2 was really the point where they started making the romance options super clear so they couldn't be mistaken. Maybe they went a little too overboard with Liara. She was so easy to accidentally romance in ME1. 

By Dobbysaurus

Liara is creepy.

By Ithurael

I won't object too much on this. Although the Liara romance was probably my personal preference.

I did still find it a bit odd to re-activate or confirm the romance in ME3 after even playing LOTSB and staying faithful in ME2. And yeah, here whole character did seem a bit too "interested" in shepard.

I did see that the Garrus romance was very well liked, hell even the Bromance was fantastic.

By Barquiel
You can simply start a romance with her in ME3 to avoid the "reaffirm" stuff if you don't like it, some of her scenes make more sense this way (especially the lock in scene...which certainly requires some headcanon if you romance her since ME1).

I prefer her romance arc over Tali and Garrus because Shep and Liara have experienced their ups and downs over the course of the trilogy, which makes the romance more meaningful imo. Of course I also prefer Liara as a character for a couple of reasons. The evolution of her character really makes the relationship evolve in a very unique way.

I will say that she seemed deeply in love with Shep no matter who she/he ended up with, but I don't see what's wrong or creepy about unrequited love. Because she doesn't date the next best squadmate if Shep isn't interested? After Liara expresses her interest in Shepard in ME1 she never brings up the topic again if you end the romance there. In ME3, it's Shepard who expresses his/her interest in Liara ("I want to be more than friends"). She also takes being dumped rather well...compared to certain other characters ;)
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By aoibhealfae
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Not really going to argue with OP since I'm not really a fan of the romance either. I would have love her if she is older and with the same personality she has in ME3 and have more steel in her bone instead of a regressed special snowflake. There's simply no way for me to find childlike naive innocence and her pathological obsession as sexually or romantically appealing.

But there are other worse written romances. Thane and Jacob was written off. Jack barely have enough scene together and Miranda was absent for most of ME3. Allers' entire existence and Kelly being a closet stripper-dancer. Traynor's awkward shower scene and there's a healthy hate over Cortez because he was mourning over his husband. Kaidan's romance for BroShep was a last minute addition shoved into FemShep's romance, which results in some lazy mesh switching (occasionally feminized BroShep and Kaidan) and cut out dialogues and scenes because it didn't fit with the male counterpart. Ashley openly admitted that she avoided you for six months because she have her issues and there's hardly any interactions with her on the Normandy. Samara's vanilla kiss and Morinth's death by sex. James being a potential romance with the most heavy flirting except it culminate to a sad lay in the DLC while Javik manage to weasel into the bed of a drunk FemShep even without your encouragement.

By congokong

I disagree. Compared to other romances, I feel Liara's may be debatably the best. This is largely due to how good LotSB was. That scene in Shepard's cabin made me teary.

As for reaffirming the relationship, Tali and Garrus have the same thing, and it's completely understandable. In ME2, Shepard dies and comes back two years later. Liara and Shepard can't just pick up where they left off without any drama. If you don't like it, blame the writers for killing off Shepard in the first place. As for ME3, again, much happened. It's not as extreme as ME2, but Shepard was without contact with Liara for over 6 months. They understandably would discuss where they stood.

Your other complaint is that Liara's scenes are identical in ME3; regardless of romance. That is partially true. There are subtle differences in some scenes (ex: after Thessia), but not as many as I would have liked. Again, the same can be said for Tali and Garrus. Citadel and Leviathan offered some exclusive romance content at least.

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By Burnsidhe
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The constant 'reaffirming' stuff is due to two things. First, its due to Liara's nature. She honestly cannot believe that someone can be interested in her and remain interested in her. This is psych stuff due to her introverted nature and isolated upbringing.

Second, is all the whiny complaints from people who didn't pay attention in the first game and didn't want Liara as a romance option at all.

Third is all the complaints about suddenly 'finding themselves in a relationship' that spilled over from the Anders romance in Dragon Age 2, where one, just one, otherwise friendly and supportive dialog from Hawke to Anders suddenly and irrevocably triggered Anders into thinking Hawke wanted a relationship.

So instead of respecting player choice in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2: LotSB, the writers instead made Liara's romance the *last* to lock in during Mass Effect 3, literally allowing *every* other possible love interest the first chance to lock in a romance with Shepard before Liara.

As a result, yes, Liara's romance is poorly written and inconsistent across the three games. It is acceptable in Mass Effect, and it is well written *after* being affirmed in Mass Effect 2 LotSB, and it is well written *after* being locked in during the third game, but it is consistently reset because the writers felt the need to reset it for everyone because of those who do not like Liara.

By Ghost_of_Zap
Both right and wrong.

The differences are smaller.

I don't know how you do it. VS Its hard watching you get shot at out there. I don't know how you do it.



Are you and Ferron together?

Why commander are you jealous? If you are you'd better do something about it. VS No, besides you made it clear I was as you humans say taken. VS No he's suffered alot and is a fragile emotional state etc etc.

But overall I agree. Excluding Citadel Dlc.
By obbie31

To be honest, I have always disliked Liara. She might be the only character I truly dislike. I never had the desire to romance her and I hate how she is pushed constantly. People even say that this is the canon or the one Bioware wants you to choose? Yeah, no thanks. Her character arc in general doesn't make a lot of sense for me, and when I watched her romance on YT, I felt nothing really. Its honestly not well written like Tali, Garrus, or Kaiden.