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So i jump into the forest last night with my med roll stone armored lvl 62 Knight. He's got 40 stamina, the wolf ring and havel's ring. I invade a magic user guy who turns into a tree and kill him. (There was much rejoicing) I invade another guy, he's trying to backstab me so i keep beating on him with my BKS +5. He uses Estus, so i beat on him again, again with the Estus... finally he wins through attrition since i cant heal that quickly. Are you guys encountering this? Is there a way to stop people from using Estus in PVP? BTW third guy i invaded had a friend, and just before i killed him BOOM popped a flask... I thought that was frowned upon? (His friend killed me, which was fun)



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Wolf Ring? Havel's Ring?

You're in the Dark Souls 2 PvP forum, not the Dark Souls 1 PvP forum.

Also, people will do what they want. Estus usage is frowned upon in duel environments, though you should still expect it there.

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Lol good memories the forest. Once you're tired of 1v1 it's all about the gank experience in the forest. And it was so fun, once the MM came out cause you had infinite humanities to keep the whole thing going.



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Moved to the correct section.

I'll weigh in too. Flasking is very commonly frowned upon indeed. However frowns don't change programming so you'll see it a lot.
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To stop someone from using estus just hit them with a lloyds talisman.



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oR, WITH DEMON HAMMER RIGHT IN THE FOREHEAD : ) Ups, sry on caps : ) Main idea is, healing can be easily punished. Just keep close to your opponent, keep pressure. Man, those are some nice memories from DKS1. And bad ones too, so much guys used healing elixires, hacked into the game.
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Healing is frowned upon by a lot of people who set in place their own rules for how you should fight. You aren't obligated to follow their rules though. Sometimes I will heal in a duel, sometimes I won't. Sometimes I initiate it and other times I don't heal until I see the other person doing it. Ultimately, the only way you can be sure of people playing by your rules is if you know them and organize the duel beforehand.


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Sorry guys, i posted this on the wrong forum. Thanks for still helping me out though!


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My only suggestion is to stay as close as possible to them. Don't allow them breathing room, keep within striking distance, and punish when they inevitably try to heal themselves.

Healing in a duel is frowned upon in most cases. In the forest, however, anything goes really. Not to mention you're the invader. :P
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