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This Post will contain those Youtube Channels that are officially acknowledged to contribute useful and entertaining content to our Wiki.

These channels belong to community members which have made an effort to support the wikis growth and were kind enough to share their knowledge and opinions with us.

If you would like to be on this list too, please post here with your channels name and a short explanation of what your videos are about (we are not interested in "Lets Plays"). The wiki team will look over the submission and when approved your channel will be added here.


We have a few guidelines for channel owners to follow:
1. We will not accept signups from randoms unless these people make a commitment to adding relevant text content to the wiki and forums, not simply just videos*. Constructive edits, forum posting, and participation in the chatroom in addition to good standing in these areas. If you are making instructional videos and wish to share them on the wiki, the videos should be straightforward tutorials. Please no overproduced videos, highlight reels, or music that distracts from the information being presented. The videos should all be concise and useful for an individual who comes to the wiki looking for fast information. If you have artistic or entertainment videos that do not fit onto a wiki format, don't forget we have a very active forum where everyone is always more than welcome to share any of their content here: index.php

*This means, you must contribute to the wikis with information and text too.
Example: If you add a video location for an item, and that item page does not have text instructions on how to find the item, you MUST add the text instructions on how to get the item.

Being on this list means you respect the site rules for etiquette and content so:
* No embeds - Use links
* No self promotion in wiki PARTICULARLY not making your name a heading.
* No playlists, no video compilations.
* Videos should be as short and as straight to the point as possible. For example, don't post an area walkthrough video in a boss page, only boss fight videos should be posted in boss pages.
* Don't link videos similar to already existing videos in the same page. If there is already a video about it DON'T ADD ANOTHER.
* No deleting "competing" videos
* Location videos should be ONLY about that item/items in the same room. No compilations of item locations.
* Help the wiki keep relevant videos in and shameless self promotion out. No "Let's Play" videos or videos where users have to skip ahead to a certain point.

3. Please include a backlink to the wiki page that the video has been inserted into the YouTube description/end of the video.

4. We may also be interested in working with users who wish to submit content directly to the Fextralife channel. Cross linking channels is also a consideration in these cases.

5. When inserting a link on the Wiki, please follow this format: Forum Username (not channel name): Video Title. This will help us quickly ID your link and match it to the partner list. Please do not insert links everywhere and anywhere. On each page create a subheading below (if it does not already exist) that says "Relevant Videos" and place the links below it. Please keep the wiki neat and consistent.

IMPORTANT: Videos on the wiki that do not belong to channel owners on the list may be removed.
If you would like suggestions and ideas for how to make your content most accessible to people looking for quality info, please don't hesitate to ask here!

Dark Souls 2 wiki approved partners that want be listed for Lords of the Fallen wiki please say so in this thread.

The List:
Wiki version

Fextralife's Channel
Fexelea wrote:This is our fun channel. It's not pro. It's not edited. It's clips of our streams for random runs - It's there to be fun and community focused.
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Hi LotF community.

I would like to put my channel forward for contributions to the Wiki. I have read the rules and understand what is required of me.

I focus on item locations and boss strategies. My channel name is Marmo720. I have the game already and will be uploading in time for launch.

Thank you

EDIT: If you want to see examples of the videos that I will be uploading, then check out my Dark Souls 2 videos.