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HolyLuigi wrote:this is a game of mind, patience and skill.




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By that, I was referring to DS1 (and what patched DS2 may become ) - it's no secret DS2 has been R1 spam to win so far.

DkS_Nexus wrote:
For example: In Dark Souls if you wanted to kill good players on a regular basis you were required to know the poise breaks on both your weapon and your opponent's weapon. You were required to know the poise values of many different armor sets, how to estimate how much poise your opponent had looking at his armor (and usually you would only have a few seconds to do this) how to force a trade if your weapon/armor setup could trade favorably, how to intelligently avoid a trade if his setup was better suited to it... and this is in addition to all the other mind games that you would be likely to run into when fighting against players that aren't absolute garbage.



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HolyLuigi wrote:Wearing Havel's on every build is like participating in paralympics. You may win, but you are still considered dumb.

Return to FPS where you can one shot everyone, this is a game of mind, patience and skill.

So much mind, patience and skill that you don't consider the title of the thread! The guy asked to share a build which may be called broken in the current form of Dark Souls 2, I did. Get off that high horse.