By Pedactor
We really should have a sticky on here with the known bug compendium.

I just found out about a new one where the Turian Veteran Stability bonus doesn't work unless you host.

I guess I can start:

(Just a quick aside:  Many of these seem due to lost UDP sync via dropped packets.  Such as when your host is lagging or has a bad connection and your screen starts jumping since your client is getting intermittent information on your position on the map........or, for instance, when you are standing at the ammo crate, but your spare clips aren't reloading.  This is sadly the nature of UDP.  Hopefully any further multiplayer online endeavors of ME will use Server-Client vs. client hosting UDP.)

1) Vanguard, All races: Have to host otherwise Biotic Charge won't go off despite continual keypresses/button mashing of hotkey/button.  Vanguard can charge while dying and end up under maps or floating in space thereby becoming unplayable.  

2) Adept, Human: Shockwave bugged on PC, will randomly go through a point-blank target at short range and do nothing.  Multiple listed possible causes but bug appears entirely random.

3) Adept, All races: Warp and throw will sometimes go through targets.

4) Adept, Asari/Rio Map: Stasis will one shot everything in certain spots.

5) Adept, Asari and Drell: Reave's damage reduction doesn't always apply.  Does not show graphic when used against Synthetics.

6) Infiltrator, N7 Shadow: Rank 6 of Fitness melee evolution not benefiting shadow strike against armor.  Power evolutions in passive buffing Shadow Strike.

7) Infiltrator, Geth Plasma Shotgun/Graal/Kishok/Arc Pistol: Charged weapons will randomly drop cloak while charged despite no shot being fired.

8) Energy Drain: Rank 6 evolution "40% less damage taken" not applying in many cases or at least not visually applying reliably in game.  EDIT: Does not show graphic, but DR buff applies unless hosting.

9) Firebase White: Doorway on far side of what can be called nothing but "The Farming Room" will automatically revive you in the landing zone location when you die there.

10) Enemy, Banshee: Tendency to Sync Kill targets up to 20 meters away.  Player will lose control of character and be sucked up and into a one shot kill.  This also occurs against Phantoms

11) Enemy, Geth Hunter/Rocket Trooper: In Rare cases will ignore staggers despite animation showing stagger and blast you in the face.  In Rare cases will show being in Stasis and still shoot you.  In Rare cases will show floating in Pull or Singularity or levitated by Lift Grenades and will still shoot you.

12) Enemy, Geth Hunter/Prime/Rocket Trooper: Innate Internal Cooldown on being staggered necessary across players due to much maligned cheap and hacking methods utilized by this faction via rendering a player unable to move and being shot continuously due to staggers.  May not be a bug, but it is looked upon as very unfavorable.

13) Enemy, Geth Rocket Trooper/Hunter/Prime: Can intermittently fire through walls roughly 8 meters thick.

14) Enemy, Geth Rocket Trooper: No CD or reload time on rocket firing.-INTENDED AS DIFFICULTY RAMPS UP.  Note: Rocket Trooper fire rate on Bronze is same as Platinum and Gold.  Multiple missiles launched with entering or leaving cover seemingly resetting any CD on missile launcher. 

15) Vorcha: Ability to fire the Reegar Shotgun and activate Flamer while Reager if firing.

16) Soldier, N7 Destroyer with Hurricane: Without extended clip, devastator mode while clip specced prevent automatic reload of Hurricane when clip hits 1 or 0.

17) N7 Typhoon: Mechanics indicate bugged behavior and untraceable behaviors involving ammunition power application to shots.

18) N7 Slayer, Melee Aiming: N7 Slayer's melee aiming does not maneuver intuitively (more quality of life than bug).

19) N7 Fury: Delay before application of Annhilation to targets and target being detonable via throw even if "warp" graphic showing on target.  

20) Turians: Veteran stability bonuses only applying while hosting.

21) Consumable Strength Enhancers (I-III): Bonus is 10/20/30, not as listed in tooltip.

22) Overload: Rank 5 Evolution "Neural Shock" buffing damage higher against organics than synthetics on top of paralysis.  Increasing damage against shields against Organic targets that can be paralyzed.

23) Sabotage: Backfire does not register properly in the Combat log.

24) Cerberus Harrier: Recoil Increased by firing from Cover.

25) Enemies, All: Enemies will sometimes disappear and still be fighting.  Especially prevalent with Banshees, who at least still glow.

26) Firebase Reactor, Cerberus: Enemies will occassionally get stuck in rafters they drop from or drop in a straight line and remain immobile and only killable through AoE.

27) PC - Origin-Mass Effect Interaction: Much weirdness here.  Origin still in Beta, so mentioning.  Load times are excessive, joining games will sometimes lock up machine.  Disconnects require reboots of Origin or ME3 will not connect to the server.

28) All Platforms: Random disconnects commonplace during matches and/or in lobbies awaiting matches.

29) Origin Store: Extremely slow load up and purchase processing.

30) Very slow load up on Galactic Readiness map at Game startup.

31) Teleport-capable classes, All races/Rio Map: Teleportations will sometimes crash out client on map of entire squad.

32) Ability, Concussive Shot: R6A Concussive shot amplification evolution does not add Ammunition power to Concussive shot.

33) Race, Krogan: Rage bonuses not working at all.

34) Platform: PS3, Operation splash screen not splashing.---WITHHELD DUE TO UNDERLYING ISSUE.  NOT A BUG.

35) Incinerate, Evolution 6A: Is not Dealing 100% more damage to frozen targets.

36) Tactical Scan Evolution 5 Headshot bonus not working at all.

37) N7 Fury, Annihilation Field's visual effect toggle will sometimes be
reversed for the player. Other people in the game can see the visual
effect as normal.

(This means that the field will be on, and you
can't see the effect. Then when you press the poewr button, you'll see
the "turning on" animation, and start seeing the black sparkles, but
what actually happened was that you purged the field, and it became

The only work around is to wait 60-90 seconds, so the field fades naturally, and then turn it back on.

38) Ultra Light Materials does not work on any SMG other than the Geth Plasma SMG unless Ultra Light Materials is equipped simultaneously onto a Pistol.

39) Random speed "hacking" where any character with Adrenaline mod 3 equipped (happened to me) will run around a board at incredible speeds to the point that it's uncontrollable.  Seems to be related to the Vanguard floating glitch.

40) Random "vanguard glitch" occurences to other classes.  

41) Geth Engineer, Quarian Engineer turrets, and Salarian Engineer Decoy needs deployed multiple times occassionally.

42) Weapons fire sounds like it's hitting a metal wall and doesn't hit target.

43) Partial invisibility:  Team mates and enemies are invisible except for name tags, muzzle flash, and red outline for enemies.

 44) Host Left/Connection Lost issues (loss of points, credits, and consumables).

45) Quick Match: Not getting what you asked for. Ask for Bronze match, get
dropped into the middle of Silver or Gold match (worse is having
consumbles for a Gold match and being dropped into a Bronze match).  Not
being able to accept/reject match if being added to underway match.

46) Firebase Jade: Being in cover against a wall during extract will not count you in extract area.

47) Singularity will not land where aimed while in cover.

48) Human Missile Drone tracking ignoring walls, trying to fire through them at time.s

49) Ops Survival packs do not work at times near death.

50) At times, using a missile will use 2.

51) Tactical Cloak will occassionally cause the Client Infiltrator's machine to show the character as visible, but the weapons as invisible.  Squadmates will see client Infiltrator as Invisible (cloaked) but enemies will target and fire upon client Infiltrator.  Happens occassionally when cloaked and sprinting out of cover.

52) Asari Justicar Biotic Sphere will sometimes not deploy with enemy targeted.

53) Squadmates appear to be firing at times when they are not.

54) Reapers sometimes continually moan depite being dead.  Sound glitch.

55) Cannibals don't stomp you when down.

56) Combat log shows Atlas executions despite no "stomp" animation.

57) Guardians, when staggered can only be hit by weapon fire, not powers.  Powers still register shield as being up.

58) AP ammo consumable only applies to one weapon when two weapons brought into a match.

59) N7 Paladin: Tech bursts proc off Paladin, not on target

60) Firebase Glacier: Troops hang on ledge above lower room at times.  

61) Firebases Giant and White: Troops will not rise up at times.

62) Geth Prime Turrets don't show up in Geth Hunter Mode improved Vision.

63) Boss mobs distracted by Decoy, despite not being intended.  Similar incidents involving Combat Drones, Geth Engineer Turret, and Quarian Turret.

64) Annhilation field radius issues: A) Base radius not as large as apparently intended.  B) Radius evolution doesn't apply properly.

65) If a delivery objective player holding the object is disconnected or leaves (griefing) the objective is failed.

66) Certain enemy targets that are dead still block your path and shots when dead.  Banshees are notorious for this.

67) Dead brutes can blow off your shields when they fall forward.---INTENDED----CALL IT THE "DEATH SWOOP"

68) Firebase Hydra:  Delivery object sometimes spawns or is dropped in an area where it can't be picked up.

69) Teleporting characters such as the N7 shadow can't teleport to dodge tracking projectiles.  Projectiles will turn sharply.  

70) N7 Paladin shield goes invisible at times.

71) Ballistic Blades cannot be fired from cover.

72) Asari Justicar Adept (Reave Adept): Rank 5 power bonus passive not buffing powers.

73) Atlas has positional issues at times.  Occasionally spawns on top of objects in unreachable places and then has reportedly randomly teleported across the map for ultra-long-range sync kills.  Noticeably happens on Rio, where Atlas spawns on containers near "power plant."

74) Geth Hunter sometimes goes invincible.

75) Firebase Goddess: Sometimes enemies spawn in rafters above center hack site and not drop down.

76) Geth Pulse cannon, Ravager shot, and Geth hunter shot sometimes go through Paladin Shield.

77) N7 Demolisher Rank 6A does not change tooltip damage of Grenades.

78) "Radius" on multiple abilities should be renamed Diameter.

79) Banshees can't hop counters on Firebase White farm room.

80) Cobra missiles sometimes have no effect.

81) Sometimes shuttle does not fly away and client players (not host) are unable to take cover for the entirety of matches.

82) If you die near the end of the map you fall off the map borders and will
be teleported alive with full health on the landing zone, this is very
easy on "suspended" maps like benning and rio.

83)  You get hit in the back while sitting in cover if you aim backwards.

84) Phantom still able to instakill despite the sword has been shattered if they performed a melee before.

85) Atlas double canopy hits still occurring at certain angles and little "seam" between bottom of canopy and hardened armored shell is at least causing additional damage.

86) Quarian Turret location indicator does not reliably appear unless hosting.

87) Human Adept melee appears to be bugged.  It is doing roughly 5,000 damage to certain targets with Martial Artist procced.

88) Male Quarian Infiltrators can occassionally stop doing action animations and float around the map.

89) Phantom and possibly Atlas damage reductions when "maneuvering" are only applying against the host player.

90) Brutes, when hopping through the window on the non-ammo-box side steps on the London map, occassionally fall into the ground and get rooted with half their body in the ground and are unable to act.

91) Tactical cloak's Rank 6A "Bonus Power" Evolution doesn't function without the Duration evolution selected in rank 4A.  It only allows you to remain in cloak for whatever the duration remains for cloak following a power's usage since the window of time is too small to allow for a true bonus power when you take the damage evolution (Evo 4B) of Tactical Cloak.

92) Fitness R6 melee (Evo 6A) Evolution does not apply to the N7 Shadow's Shadow Strike.

93) N7 Crusader shows bizarre mechanics in regards to its hitscan "path" in regards to its crosshairs, both in hip fire and when aimed down sights.  Crosshairs appear to be off center of true travel path.

94) The sniper rifles have less damage to enemies when firing targets at far.
Precisely, on platinum, infiltrator, black widow, cloaked: (we reproduced it several times)
- hunter at far away: 3 headshots
- hunter at the face of the infiltrator: 1 headshot and the hunter still have only 3 blocks of his health

95) Sometimes Vanguards will not charge out of cover if your target has
passed the 'beside you' threshold. Similar to how you cannot melee
someone who is on your side of your cover, without first stepping away
from the cover.

96) Paladin cryo shield evolution armor weakening effect is bugged and NOT working.

97) Female Quarian Infiltrator: Hacked Geth units don't suffer from backfire
damage, and the animation is missing (it works even on Banshees and
Mutants -units without a proper weapon-, so i don't really understand
why Geth seem to be immune)

98) Female Quarian Infiltrator: Hacked Get units don't suffer from backfire
damage, and the animation is missing (it works even on Banshees and
Mutants -units without a proper weapon-, so i don't really understand
why Gets seem to be immune)

99) Firebase London: The pile of rubble across the road on the right side of
the central square (facing the bridge) doesn't provide cover. What i
mean is that enemies can just shoot right through it, as if there was
nothing but air in that place (even players seem to be able to shoot
through it, but needs more testing)

100) Cloak power: Cloaking before leaving a safe cover and turn a corner
(pratically: cloaking before the enemy is aware of you being there) will
almost always result in enemies shooting at you from the other side of
the map just as if you were clearly visible (and by saying this i mean
that slow moving projectiles and powers such as Banshees' warp core or
Get Primes' plasma bullets will track you and turrets will follow your
movements while shooting) (persists even when multiple squad members still up).

101) Phantoms camp your body after you die if you are last squad member up, instantly meleeing and then sync killing you upon revival.

102) Cover issue: when you reach the corner of a cover and use the button to
turn it while remaining covered (to avoid being flanked when under heavy
fire), you'll be considered uncovered (from the side you're leaving)
until the "turning cover" animation is over, resulting in this as a
completely useless feature. (It seems that your actual hit boxes stay in
the place you started the turning cover animation until it ends instead
of moving with you - in fact you can clearly see the animation ending
and your character "returning" to cover to the new side of it)

103) Cover/Melee issue: while at the end side of a low cover, you won't be
able to sync-kill enemy troops unless your character is not facing that
end side. Pressing the melee button while at the end side of a low
cover, facing the end side, will result in your character leaving cover
and performing a heavy blow with the elbow, getting yourself killed
almost always.

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By R0binME
Anything with grab/instant kill that happends a few yards away.
Invisible enemies/banshees

Will edit if I figure more out as I play

First btw B)

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By Pedactor
By Pedactor
Up and Bumping myself for sticky. This list should have been stickied months ago..........and I know I'm missing stuff.
By Meatiershower
Concussive Shot Amplification evolution doesn't add the ammo effect.
By Meatiershower
Kroguard Rage is broken also.
By Wrecksauce
Evolution 6 of Energy Drain (Armor Boost) doesn't work off-host.
By Pedactor

Wrecksauce wrote...

Evolution 6 of Energy Drain (Armor Boost) doesn't work off-host.

Thanks.  I thought it didn't work, but if you host it does apparently.  Will add.
By Mgamerz
PS3 Banner does not show up due to a bug. Was referenced by Bryan a few days ago.
Paladin shield doesn't show up most of the time.
Paladin makes no vocal noise when swinging the shield nearly 100% of the time.

Edited by Mgamerz, 29 August 2012 - 07:08 PM.

By Pedactor

Mgamerz wrote...

PS3 Banner does not show up due to a bug. Was referenced by Bryan a few days ago.

For Ops you mean?

Splash Screen?

Edited by Pedactor, 29 August 2012 - 07:07 PM.

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