the default one is the best looking one, end of story :)

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My Bro Shep. Jack.

Should note. Not my pic but it's an exact match to my ones likeness. Think he looks pretty good for a dude shep.
That is a pretty good custom Shep
I've always had troubles to make a halfway decent male protagonist in Bioware games. I'm okay with my ME3 Shepard though.

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 I think my manshep is pretty nice looking, unfortunately I don't have a facecode for him. He was made in ME1 and directly imported to 2 and then 3.

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I always make my Shep look as much like me as I can given the limits of the software because, ultimately, it is ME playing the game and putting myself into the situations and making decisions based on what I might do. Given that, my Shepard is the most handsome Shepard to ever grace the game. ;-)
Some of us find default MShep unattractive, don't much like Vanderloo in reality either, he looks vacuous in every picture I've seen him in

And btw, I've seen custom She,pards who are a lot more attractive than MShep, someone made a MShep with Kaidan's facial texture, ended up looking a lot better than Kaidan too
Un-modded XBox, only change from original design is the addition of scruff between 2 and 3.

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