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Greetings. I am Delam Farano, seeker of Lore. I have a great many theories, of varying size - some attempt to explain large events, others mere small musings. To give some context to the rest of the post, I shall list the common theories that I believe:
1. Solaire is Gwyn's Firstborn
2. The crow that takes the Chosen Undead from the Asylum is a servant of Velka
3. Drangleic is Lordran in the far future
4. Heide's Tower of Flame is Anor Londo
I'm sure there are more, I'll add to this as I remember them. Now, onto my own theories, which I shall try to set out in as clear and coherent a manner as possible.

1. Theory on the Exile of Gwyn's Firstborn.
Firstly, this theory assumes that Vamos is the nameless Blacksmith Deity - I came to this conclusion from the description of the Royal Helm, his comments on embers he can't use and his comment on New Londo being flooded (they both imply he is very old), and his size (he's a giant). Onto the theory itself:
In Anor Londo, Vamos and Solaire are allies (it makes sense for the blacksmith and warrior to be friends). When Solaire loses the Annals, Gwyndolin is called upon to give punishment as head of the Darkmoon Blades, but he is torn between his duty and his jealousy of Solaire (because Solaire was raised as a son, and Gwyndolin wasn't), and so defers judgement to his father, who has Solaire expunged from all records.
Vamos then leaves Anor Londo, and together he and Solaire form a plan - Solaire will prove himself a worthy God of War by killing Gravelord Nito. Vamos goes to the Tomb of the Giants to prepare, while Solaire goes to find the Sunlight Maggot (to see in the TotG) and the Chaos Flame Ember (because Nito is weak to it); to assist Solaire, Vamos sends titanite Demons to scout the way (wherever you find Solaire, you find titanite Demons).

2. Theory on Velka's Role
When Velka was head of the Darkmoon Blades (as their founder), Gwyn was afraid of her (even Gods can sin, and she would punish any sinner), so Seath offered to exile her - this made Gwyn indebted to him and established Gwyndolin as head of the Darkmoon Blades, which Seath used to gain immunity from the sin of his experiments). Velka used the Painted World as a refuge, perhaps an armoury, for her equipment and servants, until the power of the Gods was weak enough for her return to go unnoticed (when the Flame started to die out). She then resumed her work fighting sinners, and sought to return in the greatest way possible - to bring justice to Manus, Father of the Abyss (the Dark is the ultimate sin). To do this, she brought the Chosen Undead from the Asylum in order to Link the Flame, renewing the Age of Light and preventing the Abyss from spreading (for a time).

3. Theory on Lautrec's Motives
Lautrec is merely a conduit of Fina's will, believing in her love for him - she uses him to kill Fire Keepers (he killed the one in the Undead Parish, thus was imprisoned there) in an attempt to bring about the Dark in revenge for her exile from Anor Londo.

4. Theory on Carim
Carim is a land forsaken by Anor Londo - the only people known to serve the rogue deities Velka and Fina are from Carim.

I also have a theory on Heide's Tower of Flame, but as this is the DS1 Archives, I'm not sure if I should put it here.
Anyway, if any of these theories have inconsistencies, tell me and I'll try to rectify them.