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By Acute.Anthrax
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Welcome to my guide on stamina recovery. I've been studying and testing a lot about it for a while now and figured I had gotten as much info as I can think of and can finally compose it into one big guide.

First off, stamina recovery comes down to 3 factors. Base stamina recovery, equipment load and bonus stamina recovery. There is 3 different forms of bonus stamina recovery as well, the consumable item Green Blossom, the Chloranthy Ring +0/1/2 and 3 different shields. (Shield of The Insolent, Blossom Kite Shield and Slumbering Dragon Shield.)

Originally I thought that the shields and ring did not stack together but thankfully a lot of people called me out on that and I went back to retest and found out they in fact do stack, everything actually stacks.

Throughout all of this, keep in mind that it's difficult to be 100% accurate so in all my results, there is a possible 1 stamina per second error (if I write 52.6 stamina it could be 51.6 or 53.6) or 1% faster recovery error.

Base Stamina recovery speed appears to be 52.6 stamina per second. (0% Equipment load)

Equipment Load

By increasing the equipment load by 10% increments these are the results compared to 0%.

10% equipment load: 3.5% slower stamina recovery
20% equipment load: 5.0% slower stamina recovery
30% equipment load: 10% slower stamina recovery
40% equipment load: 17.5% slower stamina recovery
50% equipment load: 30% slower stamina recovery
60% equipment load: 40% slower stamina recovery
70% equipment load: 55% slower stamina recovery
80% equipment load: 65% slower stamina recovery
90% equipment load: 80% slower stamina recovery
100% equipment load: 100% slower stamina recovery
110% equipment load: 125% slower stamina recovery
120% equipment load: 150% slower stamina recovery

Stamina Recovery Bonus

Chloranthy Ring +0/1/2 appears to give a bonus of 12.5%/20%/25%

All 3 stamina recovery shields give an equal amount at 5%

Green Blossom gives a 15% bonus.


Since everything stacks here are the approximate values of each combination of stamina recovery.

Ring - Shield - ~28% faster stamina recovery
Ring - Shield - Shield - ~33% faster stamina recovery
Ring - Shield - Shield - Blossom - ~46% faster stamina recovery
Ring - Shield - Blossom - ~43% faster stamina recovery
Ring - Blossom - ~40% faster stamina recovery
Shield - Blossom - ~20% faster stamina recovery
Shield - Shield - Blossom - ~25% faster stamina recovery

So although everything does stack, it seems like when you mix the ring and shield, you get slightly less than a complete additive boost.

Royal Soldier's Ring

Although 20% bonus equipment load from the +2 version of this ring seems to be a good idea for increasing stamina recovery (it is actually). It will unlikely ever beat out the Chloranthy Ring + 2 if you're picking between the 2. If you had a max weight of 100 units and used the Royal Soldier's Ring, you would have to be originally at 70% Weight to get a 25% faster stamina recovery just to be even with the Chloranthy ring + 2.


Needing a lot more testing here but from a quick test I did, it took me just under 13 seconds to recover 100 stamina using no bonus stamina recovery. This is roughly 7.5 stamina per second while holding your shield up but I believe there is a variable with this depending on either the original weight of your shield, the class being either small shield, medium or great shield, or possibly with stability. More testing to come.

The Chloranthy Ring does increase how fast stamina recovers while blocking but using a stamina shield did not seem to effect the recovery.

Video Sources

Here are the links to all my videos with the visual details to all these stats if you care to see it for yourself.

Studying Stamina Recovery
Chloranthy Ring + 0/1/2
Stamina Shields And Stacking
More Stamina Stacking and Double Shields

Thanks to everyone for helping with this, making sure I check my mistakes and those that have put the effort to add any info into the wiki for more people to see.
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By ParadigmEnigma
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I love you Anthrax, but I also hate you, because I will likely end up being the one to transfer all this info over to the wiki haha.

Great work as always.
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By AnCapaillMor
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Nice work. Definately noticed the stamina regen and equip weight the other day when using the greatbow and trying to keep the dragon knights permanently stunned.
By Aelred
Thank you! Even a Noob (Sorcerer) finds this extremely useful. I was wondering why when I tried the Hexers set (very early) with the Chloranthy I suddenly felt like a Sorcerer.

My dodge/rolling is better these days, so I find NOT getting hit a better option than relying on armour to take a shot or two. I knew I didn't want to load-up too much - but this shows me where the cut-off points are.

As Noob, I still like to have armour when I try out a new (to me) area, but once I know it I like to be nimble and recover spells quickly and try different tactics/spell combos.

Cheers! :bounce:
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No wonder I could barely notice any difference with just a one if the shields on, that 5% has saved my *** a lot though.
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By WyrmHero
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Stamina recovery has always been dependent on armor type, not percentage of equipload. Did you test the stamina regen with equipload by putting on heavier armor sets or did you stayed naked and equip larger weapons?