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By Icegodzilla
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May all men and false gods pay for what they have done
Hello welcome to the Obsidian Lords. We are a dragon covenant set on killing man kind and ending the Age of Fire. We do this by using the Brotherhood of Blood, the Bell Keepers, the Rat King, and the Dragon Remnants to hunt down and kill all who do not believe in the True Gods. The goal of this covenant is to kill your opponents by any means necessary in the name of the dragons, and to avenge the fall of the Age of Ancients. We believe that the dragon riders enslaved innocent wyrms for their own desires and that the fake dragon in the dragon shrine is a mockery to the dragons of old, and it must be destroyed.

Below is the story that has been passed down Obsidian Lord line for thousands of years. It tells of our birth and how we found the True Gods of the world, unfortunately time has taken away the memory of the man's name and the name of the Great Obsidian Dragon.
Chapter 1 The man and the Obsidian dragon
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Chapter 2 The man learns the truth of this world
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Below is the current day events and why we have decided to make the people drangleic pay.
Chapter 3 Drangleic and its horrors
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1.) Must use dragon body at all times, this is only for your obsidian lord builds and is required in order for you to rank up in the Obsidian Lords. (Several events do not require dragon body except for Dragon fight club and Boss assault events)
2.) During in cov duels you may not heal. You may heal during invasions, and you may heal during the dragon hunger games covenant event, but not with estus.
3.) You may not join the ingame covenants “heirs of the sun” and “Blue sentinels” because they worship the false gods. However you may join them temporarily in order to gain their cov rewards so that you can use their powers against them.
4.) no hacks allowed as in no infinite health no infinite stamina etc.

These are the Obsidian Lord’s rules besides them you are permitted to use whatever you desire as long as you are fighting to rid the world of mankind, and their false gods. These rules only apply to your Obsidian Lord covenant build, and do not apply to any other of your builds unless you wish them too.
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By Icegodzilla
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Ranks are earned by killing certain bosses and winning a set amount of invasions. Dragon, Blood, and Pilgrims are worth 2 points. Bell and rat winnings are worth 1. You may combine covenant winnings in order to rank up. The Dragon cov winnings to get the dragon body stone do not count since all members are required the use of dragon body. All kills after obtaining dragon body in the dragon cov do count. All members must obtain dragon body in order for their points to count. You are allowed to co op the bosses that are required to rank up. To present points one may either summon another member of the obsidian lords (preferably one of the dragon rank or higher) and show them the items they gained from killing there hosts for instance if the points were obtained from rat kills then they must drop all of their rat tails so that the higher ranking member can count them. For points gained in the Blood invasions, Bell invasions, and Pilgrim invasions one must chime in the group chat after every kill.


Newly born followers of the black dragon. Fierce in battle and have a nasty bite. To gain you must join the Obsidian Lords and get dragon body.


A growing member of the obsidian lords. They have started to learn the ways of the obsidian lords and their prowess in battle has grown.

To obtain one must earn 80 points. You must kill also kill the three dragon riders and the dragonslayer. All members are required to obtain dragon body before they start counting wins.


fierce beasts of the black dragon. They are cleaver and stop at nothing to obtain victory.

One must also win 200 points and be fairly active in the thread. Remember only the kills done after obtaining dragon body count for ranking.


These creatures bring true terror to man and gods alike. They are intelligent strong, many run in fear of their might. They are some of the most respected members of the covenant

To gain one must kill king vendrick and you must kill the ancient dragon (or should I say fake dragon). One must also win 400 points. Once this is done they must fight with a member that is of dragon rank or higher and you must prove yourself to them. If they past this test the ritual of becoming a dragon must start. You must take the ancient dragon soul, one gets from the petrified dragon, and place it on the floor of the area where the fake ancient dragon used to rest. This is to symbolize that the fake is dead and now and the memory of the true dragons lives on. During the ritual if it is possible two members of the Obsidian lord must accompany you during this ritual. One must be of dragon rank or high and one must be of wyrm rank or lower as a symbol of your rise through the ranks. Once the soul is dropped you and the two members will do dragon roar. Then the lower rank member will do the prostration gesture, while the higher rank member does a simple bow.

Elder Dragon

This is a dragon that has been through many trials. They are extremely deadly in combat, they are some of the strongest members in the Obsidian lords.

To earn one must obtain 1000 points. They also must prove themselves to the Obsidian dragon and the Ancient dragons. They must also be very active in the thread and chat group. They must also join and participate in at least 3 of the Obsidian lord's events.

Ancient Dragon-

One of the wisest beings to ever walk this world. They have a ton of knowledge and their words are to be taken with the upmost respect. To gain one must prove to be very knowledgeable and to be of great assistance to me.

Obsidian Dragon-

The most powerful member of the covenant. This member is smart strong and powerful (he is also pretty handsome if I do say so myself and I hear hes single.) this is the leader of the covenant.
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By Icegodzilla
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Prop Hunt
So Prop hunt is basically a kind of hide and seek game.The host summons two reds and then looks at a wall or something and waits for the two reds to hide. The reds must use silver talismans or chameleon spells to try and blend in with their surroundings. They can not hurt the host unless the reds are spotted or blatantly ignored/missed. The red that kills the host becomes the host for the next round.

1) reds can't attack host unless they are spotted or blatantly missed.
2) host can't attack the reds while they are going to their hiding spots (host may attack any object that he thinks the reds are)
3) host also can't watch the reds hide.
4) one red can't rat out the other red's hiding spot
5) anyone can join

Got the idea for the event from the youtube channel FireLink
here is the video they used
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Dragon Fight club
These are members only fight clubs. Host summons two reds and the reds fight each other. This is where we will hone each others skills and become more fearsome. They will be located in the first drake nest in dragon dragon aerie.

1) no healing during the duels
2) no hacking as in no infinite health and no infinite stamina
3) no attacking the hosts unless the hosts say they want to fight

Requirements to join:
1) most of there will be held in ng+
2) soul memory around 5 mil (this is debatable if anyone wants a different soul memory limit)
3) soul level varies for each fight club most will be either 125 or 150 (can be a few lvls higher or lower) 200 may happen if enough people want it.

Dragon Hunger games event.
If we obtain ten members in this cov then I will hold a pvp event called the dragon hunger games every two weeks. I have not decided on sl or whether it will be on ng+ “mostly because soul memory is annoying to work with” Other covenants are free to join. It works just like the hunger games events that were done in dks1. The host of the world goes about killing all the npcs in an area, then he hides varies weapons, armor, and items around the area. He will then summon 2 reds and a white/gold phantom. The phantoms cannot use any items, weapons, or armors that they already possess. The idea is that the host gives off a signal and the phantoms must ran about finding items to use on each other. The winner is the last man standing. The host can join but know that if the host dies they have to rest all the stuff and kill the npcs all over again.

The hunger games idea came from sunlight blade and here is is video explaining it in dks 1
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Events chat

Dragon Journal Entries
This is where chracter jounral entries are placed, this is for rpers who want to add a little more to their gameing experience. Simply post your latest journal entry on the thread and I will add it here. You can also have multiple charters

Obsidian- Character by Icegodzilla
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By Icegodzilla
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Member's game tags, systems, and ranks

Member Ranks

knightofnight12- xbox and xbox one
snyperwulff- playstation
larrythepanda-xbox one

TomBombadil515_ -ps3

Elder Dragon

Ancient Dragon

Obsidian Dragon
Icegodzilla-ps3 and ps4

Members list
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By Nightshot
Well this is unique. Nice little meta too.
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By Icegodzilla
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Thanks guys, I will be working a little more on editing the lore and what not, I had fun coming up with it. The event is gonna be a little tough to do since soul memory is a pain. Ideally it would be for soul level 50 but since the hosts will have to take time buying items and getting armor and weapons this means their soul memories will be pretty high. So I might make it a ng+ sl 100 thing idk yet.
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By Icegodzilla
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Attention I am adding the event "Dragon Journal Entries" to the events/news post.

It is something that rpers can do to get closer to the ideas of the covenant. Basically you start the game with your Obsidian Lord build and talk about his journey through drangleic. You can also talk about how your character joined the Obsidian Lords. To add a journal entry you post your character's name and his entries on the thread and I will add them to the events post.

I will be starting mine soon, right after my dragon build gets to ng++.

Edit: WOWWWWW POST 900. One day I will reach that one thousand mark lol
By Shkar
Well. I suspect I will see conflict between the Obsidian Lords and the Scions of Eternity?
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By Nightshot
Did not think of that. Conflicts are really starting now!
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