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DMC wrote:I saw a guy one of those popular Youtube players (sorry I can't remember any names) claiming Mytha's had the strongest criticals of all the daggers.

No idea if he's actually tested that though.

I realize this is late, but it actually is quite powerful. I doubt it's the strongest but for having a poison effect it's effective to the point that I gave up on my normal Dagger just so I wouldn't have to keep switching between "crit dagger" and "poison dagger".


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erizo wrote:I'm tweaking my caster / sorcerer build (50+ attune, 50+ faith, 65+ int ATM).

I normally roll with my staff / chime / pyro and dagger in the other hand. So far I've used the vanilla dagger, but just got it in my mind to upgrade it now that I have most of the other equipment for my build.

I started reinforcing it (think I'm at dagger +6 or +7) now. Should I do anything other than upgrade it to +10? I was considering infusing with a magic stone to make it intelligence based (given INT is my highest stat), but I wasn't sure how this would affect the overall damage.

Any suggestions?


Since the patch some of the dagger numbers have changed. Go to page 3 of the PVP thread and check out Greyhawks post on dagger test results. Hope this helps.
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With Scholar of the First Sin, some weapons have been tweaked a bit, like the manikin’s weapons, so it would be interesting to compare again.