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I. The Lore~

If you wish to read the full Lore, click below. Otherwise, a shortened version is available here to peruse.
Come hither, my friend, and hear this tale. It is a tale of loyalty, of sacrifice, and of honor. It is the tale of Ser Alva, the Wayfarer, and the birth of an Order of Knights as old as the Kingdom of Drangleic itself….

Once, in a time long ago, there was a mighty kingdom across the sea, ruled over by a benevolent Queen, who was named Queen Serreta, the Saint. Under her rule there was much prosperity in the land, and a surplus of food, wealth, and happiness.The Queen was loved by all of her subjects, so much so that they would live and die by her name. But, it was not destined to last.

You see, although Saint Serreta was loved by her people, she was hated by the nobility of her neighboring kingdoms. They grew jealous of the Queen, and came to covet her riches, her loyal subjects, and most of all, her happiness. And so they began to plot her demise.

However, word travels fast among nobility, and soon whispers of treachery and hate had spread so far as the benevolent Queen’s court, and she began to worry.

“How can I protect my kingdom and its people if my life is at risk? I must find some way to protect my subjects..”

And so Saint Serreta asked that the mightiest warriors of her Kingdom would come forth and offer their service in a Great Tournament of Skill. Many stepped forward, and each wielded their blade with grace and fluidity, but one Knight stood out amongst his brethren. His name was Ser Alva, a blacksmith’s son, and although many warriors had challenged him, none could defeat him, and his armor remained unblemished and pure. The Queen saw all of this, and called out to him.

“You there, Ser Knight, come closer so I might speak with you!”

Ser Alva stepped forward hesitantly, for in all of his life he had never so much as been spoken to by someone of noble birth. “Yes,my liege?” He asked, diverting his gaze to show his respect.

“What is your name?”

“Alva, your majesty, son of the blacksmith who forged my armor and gave shape to my blade.”

The Queen smiled, because she recognized the humility and respect that the young Knight before her possessed.

“Alva, I wish to make you my Champion, so that you might defend my honor and the honor of this Kingdom against those who might seek to harm it. You will be my sword, my knight, and my closest guardian, always by my side. Do you accept these responsibilities readily?”

Alva, now Ser Alva, bowed his head in shock, but he knew in his heart that his service to his Queen was fate.

“Yes, m’lady, I pledge my sword to you always and forever, and I will defend your honor with my life.”

And so it was that Alva, a humble son of a blacksmith, became the Queen’s most trusted Knight and guardian against the forces of darkness.

Time passed, and what were once whispers of treachery had become dark oaths in the night, and soon the neighboring Kingdoms were ready to enact their dastardly plot.

The Kingdom of the East, a land of desert and sun, was the first to tip its hand. They sent a dozen assassins clothed in deepest black to slit Saint Serreta’s throat while she slept, but none reached their mark. Ser Alva, constantly vigilant, intercepted each one, and whet his blade with their blood. And so the Kingdom of the East fell away, and the Dark Alliance against the Queen grew more desperate.

Next, the Kingdom to the North tried its hand at claiming the Queen’s life. The King of the North sent his greatest warrior, a brute of great strength and viciousness, to challenge the Queen and her infamous bodyguard to a duel to the death. The Queen accepted, and Ser Alva faced the barbarian in her place as her Champion. Despite his strength and size, however, the brute fell to the graceful swordsmanship of Ser Alva, and so the Kingdom of the North fell away, and the Dark Alliance grew more desperate still.

The third Kingdom, the Kingdom of the West, was ruled over by a very wise and ambitious King who was often referred to by his subjects as the Great Snake. The Great Snake recognized that as long as they attempted to confront Queen Serreta through traditional methods, they would never manage to overcome Ser Alva, who was unmatched in the skills of combat. So, the Great Snake looked across the sea for a way to slay the Benevolent King once and for all.

The Kingdom Across the Sea was a place of great magicks and power, and rested where Drangleic rests today. The great Sorcerer Kings of this land used their mastery of the arcane to control their subjects and subjugate the peoples that they ruled, and for this reason they were greatly feared by their neighboring Kingdoms and even by the Kingdoms across the sea. It was to these Sorcerer Kings that the Great Snake went to for assistance.

“Great magic users, please, lend me some form of strength. Teach me how I can slay my foe, the evil Queen of a neighboring land, in such a way that I do not challenge her most trusted Champion, the great Ser Alva, who has slain all those who stand before him.”

The Sorcerer Kings snickered among themselves, sitting on their twisted thrones, and spoke.

“You seek to destroy this Queen, but do not think we cannot see the dark intentions in your soul. We will give you what you want, foolish King, but know that by accepting our gift, you will taint your soul, forever.”

The Great Snake shuddered at the monotone and commanding sound of the Sorcerer Kings’ voices speaking in unison. He felt fear in his heart, but that fear was overcome by greed and wretchedness, and he accepted the terms given to him by the magic users.

The Kings cackled gleefully.

“So it shall be, foolish King. We give you a spell that will destroy your foe, and you will give us part of your soul in exchange...” As they spoke, a small wisp of darkness floated down to the Great Snake, who felt it enter into him as it brushed against his fingertips. The slimy darkness of the spell seemed to seep into his bones and sent a cold spike running down his spine.

“How do I use this gift, Oh Great Ones?” The Snake asked, his head bowed.

“The spell is a poison, but by all intents will appear as if a regular disease. The Queen will die slowly, and you will not need to confront his trusted Knight. But Be Warned, greedy King, that the spell will only work on one person, and that a cure exists that could heal him.”

“A cure, Oh Magnificent Ones? And where might you find this cure?”

One of the Dark Sorcerer’s smiled, his lips cracking and showing his immaculate, unnaturally sharp teeth.

“The cure is well known, and grows in this very land. A Pink Blossom, of which there are only a dozen left remaining. If the Queen consumes one of these, the spell will be undone, and so shall you be, feeble one.”

The Great Snake trembled. “Thank you, Great Ones, I will use your gift with wisdom.” He promised, although now he felt a great amount of trepidation at using their so called gift. He returned to his kingdom the next day, and in the darkness of his castle dungeons, cast the spell that would claim Saint Serreta’s life.

Back in the Kingdom of Queen Serreta, it became obvious that the Queen was becoming ill by some form of disease. She would lay in bed at all times throughout the day, and was weak and pale by the light of the sun. Ser Alva, always loyal, would stay by her bedside at all times in case another assassin came to attack her, but none came.

The Queen became weaker and weaker as time passed, and Ser Alva began to worry that she would never recover.
“Have you tried everything?” he asked the royal physician one day, after he had finished his daily examination of the Queen.

“We’ve tried everything we can imagine, Ser Knight, but she responds to none of our medicines or treatments. There is nothing within our reach that can save her now. I’m afraid that at this rate, the Queen will die by the coming of Winter.”

Alva contemplated his words carefully before choosing to speak. “You said within our reach, did you not? What do you mean by this?” He asked.

“Well, of course, every good doctor knows of the legends of the Pink Blossom Flower, that blooms only in a land far across the sea, but as I said, it is out of reach, and no one has seen the flower for ages.”

“But it would cure her?”

“Why, yes, of course, but the land across the sea is one of darkness and magic. It is rife with danger!”

“The danger does not matter,” Alva rose from his seat near the Queen’s bed. “I will find this flower, and I will save our Queen, as is my duty. Now tell me, how might I travel to this Kingdom Across the Sea?”

And so it was that Ser Alva travelled to what is now called Drangleic, leaving behind everything but his armor and his sword and shield. When he arrived, he discovered that Drangleic was a far more vicious place than he imagined, but his skill as a swordsman was unparalleled, and even the monstrous creatures of Drangleic fell readily to his blade. He traveled the lands for months, and from his travels he learned the true nature of the King’s disease from the peasants of the land that would become Drangleic, and of the treachery of the Sorcerer Kings and the Great Snake. He grew to hate the magic of the land and struck down any creature that used magic for its own purposes. He searched across the land for many weeks, and finally, after months of searching, he fell upon the object of his desire: the Pink Blossom itself.

The flower was nestled between two rocks, perched at the top of a large mountain, and it was in full bloom despite the full moon shining overhead. Ser Alva collapsed in front of the flower and cradled it in his hand, realizing that his long pilgrimage was finally at an end, and he collected it into his satchel, careful not to damage its petals or stem, and began his long journey home.

It was many more weeks until Ser Alva arrived back at the kingdom of Saint Serreta, and through all of this time Ser Alva had cared for the flower in his satchel and maintained it. He finally arrived at the castle gates, and they slowly opened for him as he rushed inside.

“I have the cure, make way for me, and bring the doctors, let them create a cure from its petals!” He cried out, but the servants merely stared at him blankly.

“What are you standing for? Hurry, we must save the Queen! She is afflicted by dark magicks, but I have brought her` the cure! We must get it to her!” He shouted, growing frustrated by their unresponsive faces. He whirled around, trying to make sense of their inaction, and it finally came together in his mind.

It was then that Ser Alva saw the dark banners hanging from the castle’s halls. The bands of black on every subject’s arm, and most importantly, the sealed marble coffin that stood where the Queen’s throne once lay.

The Knight fell to his knees,realizing that he had failed his Queen. Saint Serreta was dead, and the flower, so delicately cared for, was now a useless token of his impossible quest.

A servant approached him to offer him condolences, but Alva shoved him away forcefully.

“No, I have failed you, I have failed our Queen, and I no longer deserve my knighthood.” With this, Alva stood and left the throne room, never to return to his home, and set off again to wander the Land across the Sea, but he had changed.

Alva, in his grief and sorrow, painted the visage of the Pink Blossom on his shield, and wore it proudly forever so that he would never forget his failure and sin. With his shield in hand, and clad in full armor, he returned to the land that we now know as Drangleic, and in vengeance, set out on a warpath across the land. He knew now that the death of Saint Serreta, the benevolent Queen, was the work of sorcery and magic, and so a hatred grew in Alva’s heart against those who practiced the Arcane Arts, and he struck down any mage that blocked his path.

The people of Drangleic began to know him as Alva the Wayfarer, and those who hid behind the use of magic began to fear his very name. Soon, others came to his side. Others, who, like Alva, understood the darkness and treachery of magic and had seen the misfortunes that it had brought across the land. They too donned armor that was made in his image, and carried shields that bore the symbol of their brotherhood: the Pink Blossom, in full bloom.

And so, Alva the Wayfarer collected a group of followers, whom he named his Knights of the Rose, in honor of his beloved King’s memory, and pledged to never let magic run wild in the world again.

Once, in a far away Kingdom, there lived a benevolent Queen, so benevolent that her subjects called her a Saint.
Saint Serreta the Queen had many enemies, and they sought to destroy her.

But, the Queen also had a bodyguard.
A Knight by the name of Alva.

The Knight defended his Queen time and time again against the forces of darkness that besieged her kingdom.
Soon, the Queen's enemies sought a new power to destroy her, and turned to the Kingdom Across the Sea, a place that we now call Drangleic.

This Kingdom, now called Drangleic, gave the Queen's enemies a powerful sorcery that would curse her to die a slow death, and only one cure existed: a Pink Blossom, nearly extinct.

When Alva, the faithful knight, heard of this cure, he set out across the Sea to find it.
He searched for many months, and finally, fell upon the flower, but when he returned to his Queen, it was far too late.

Saint Serreta was dead.

So Alva, stricken with grief, painted the symbol of the Pink Blossom on his shield, and returned to the land that we now call Drangleic

He set out to remove the impure magic that had claimed the life of his Queen, and revoked his knighthood to the crown.

Soon others, who shared his hatred of the Arcane Arts, joined his cause, and they too donned shields depicting the Pink Blossom in full bloom.

And so an Order of Knights was born.

Welcome to the Knights of The Rose.
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II. Rules, Requirements, and Registration

~The Motto~

"Honora Set Perfidia, Potentia Set Magus"

"Honor Without Disloyalty, Power Without Magic"

What Is This Covenant?


The Knights of The Rose is a primarily PVP-centric covenant that focuses on physical prowess and skill rather than utilizing magic in the form of sorceries, miracles, pyromancies, or hexes. The only exceptions to this universal ban of magic within the covenant is the use of certain spells that turn the power of magic against its dark followers. We focus on using weapons, mechanics, and skill to overcome our magical foes and seek to rid the world of those who would abuse the power of the arcane in the name of our founder and symbolic leader, Alva The Wayfarer.

Rules & Code of Conduct

1. The use of Magic in any form is banned, save for the few spells deemed "untainted" by the covenant. By joining the Knights of Rose, you pledge to forsake the dark arts forever and serve as a vengeful spirit onto those who would use it.

2. There are two types of opponents that you will face as a member of this covenant: Honorable, and Dishonorable.

An Honorable Opponent attempts to duel you using weapons.

A Dishonorable Opponent attempts to use twisted magic to destroy you, or attempts to attack you with your back turned or when offering gestures.

Honorable Opponents are treated with respect, as outlined below. Dishonorable Opponents? Deal with them as you wish.

3. If you are confronted by any form of magic, you are expected to act without hesitation or mercy. Do not relent, do not give the Mage opportunity. Simply strike him down as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember that an opponent becomes Dishonorable the moment that they draw a magical catalyst (pyromancy flame, staff, chime) and once they show their alignment with the magical world, it is your duty to destroy them utterly and entirely.

4. Honor is paramount to victory. When you duel an Honorable Opponent, you must always bow or offer an equally polite gesture. Gloating over a victory is bad form, and also forbidden.

5. When a member of the Bell Keeper covenant, you are never to attack your opponent as part of a group. Always wait for a one-on-one duel. This rule is made null and void if the host uses magic in any form.

6. No Ganking, Modding, Cheats, or Hacks. This is basic, but there it is.

7. Respect your Elders in this covenant. Those in positions of power or leadership are there for a reason, and their word has authority here.

List of Non-Tainted Magic:



Hidden Weapon



Magic Barrier

Great Magic Barrier

Sacred Oath


Twisted Barricade

Profound Still


Flash Sweat

Iron Flesh

Infused Weapons:

All types of infused weapons are permissible within the covenant. Although technically the weapon will deal magical damage, it is just one way that our Knights turn the unholy magic against its users.

Any spell not listed here is a sinful act and is forbidden by the Knights of Rose, punishable by excommunication and death.

How Do I Join?

In order to join the Knights of Rose, you must forsake your belief in all that is unholy in the world and cast off the shackles of sorcery, miracles, pyromancies, and hexes. Send one of the Knight Commanders a message either here in the forum or to one of their gamertags. You must pledge your allegiance to the order and meet the following requirements as they are listed below, and swear to uphold the rules of the covenant as they apply to you, also listed below.

i. Accepted Covenants

The following covenants will be used in your journey to become a high ranking member of our brotherhood. You cannot represent us as a member until you have joined one of these covenants, and anyone that represents the Knights of Rose is expected to remain within one of these covenants at all times.

The Covenants Are As Follows:

The Heirs Of The Sun

The Bell Keepers

The Dragon Remnants

The Blue Sentinels

ii. Uniform

When representing the Knights of Rose, you are expected to wear the Alva Armor Chestpiece OR the Blossom Kite Shield to symbolize your commitment to our covenant. New members may choose which of these two items that they would prefer to carry. Furthermore, higher ranks in the covenant will adjust your uniform in various ways. In particular, once you become a Rose Templar, your uniform restrictions will essentially cease to exist.
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III. Roster List & Rankings
The Path of The Rose:


As a member of the Knights of Rose, you declare yourself a pilgrim on a quest to annihilate magic from the world of Drangleic. In order to progress up the ranks of the covenant, you will be required to prove yourself as a true believer in our cause and also a competent member of our Order.

I. Pilgrims of the Flower - Heirs of The Sun


When you first join our covenant, you must prove your dedication to our cause is sincere by following in the footsteps of Alva the Wayfarer himself, who traveled the land, helping those in need. In order to show this, you will become an Heir of the Sun, and bring us proof that you've helped your fellow man in the form of the Sun Sword, which will be rewarded to you when you have helped 20 other players on their own journeys.

II. Brother of the Rose - The Bell Keepers


As a Brother of the Rose, you have officially been accepted as part of our Knightly Order, but you still have much to prove.

Every member of the Knights of Rose must cultivate skill in combat, and as a Brother of the Rose, it is your duty to train yourself until you are confident in battle. In order to demonstrate your martial prowess, you must slay 30 opponents as part of the Bell Keepers covenant. You will face a wide variety of foes that will challenge you and teach you to fight efficiently and effectively. To advance farther, you must show a higher guild member 30 titanite Chunks that prove your worth, or alternatively, show us the spell Hidden Weapon as proof.

III. Knight of Thorns - Dragons Remnants


Knights of Thorn comprise of the newly trained recruits. As a symbol of your status as a Knight of Thorn, you are required to wear the Ring of Thorns as a symbol fo your position. However, Knights of Thorn are no longer required to wear their uniforms in battle.

Now that you have proven your competence in battle, it is time to wage war and complete your first mission as an official Knight of our Order. You must seek out and slay the foul abominations that comprise the Dragon Remnants covenant. These magic users seek to corrupt the human body itself by using magic to combine their flesh with the scales of a dragon. Prove to us that you have slain 30 of these heretics by showing us the Black Dragon Greatsword as proof of your victory.

IV. Rose Templar - Blue Sentinels


You have performed great acts of charity. You have trained under us. And now, you have completed your first mission as a Knight of Thorns. You are finally ready to be accepted into the inner circle of our order and become a Rose Templar.

As a Rose Templar, your duty to the covenant is to hunt down the sinners of this world and destroy them all. You will use your new powers as a Sentinel to deliver justice through invasions and honor through duels. In order to advance to the next rank, you will need to show one of our senior members that your aura has grown to reflect your own strength and power at least 1 Rank.

V. Guardian of the Roses

Once you have proved yourself in every way, you will finally be welcomed to the upper echelon of the covenant. As a Guardian of the Roses, you will enjoy certain privileges.

First and foremost, you may now choose which covenant of the four approved covenants that you wish to belong to. It is your duty to continue the work of our covenant in any way that you can, but you may now choose the format in which you will do battle against the forces of magic in our world.

Additionally, Guardians who perform particularly well, remain active, and serve as an example to the community, may be selected for leadership positions in the Order later on.

V. Captain of Roses

Anyone that achieves this ranking has been handpicked by the founder or has had multiple requests from other Captain of Roses to be moved up to this tier. At this tier of the covenant, you are directly involved in running the covenant and also organizing events and running the forum.

There may be frequent or infrequent changes to this ranking.

VI. Knight Commander of Roses


The founder of the covenant, or someone appointed by the founder and the founder only to carry on the same duties. This is the highest possible rank to be achieved, and the position will not be handed out lightly. Only the most trusted members of the Knights of Rose will be offered a chance to become a Knight Commander.

Roster List:

Knight Commander of Roses:

JoinMyBones - Founder (PS3 "CrazyCoke") (STEAM "Join My Bone")

Captain of Roses

Guardian of Roses

TitanArum (360 - TitanArum666)

Doran (PC)

Rose Templar

Sir Awesomeface (360)

Ernest Hemingway (PC)

Ryuga10 (PC - Kriuz)

Knight of Thorns

Junker154 (360 - WaiseGlobus72)

Brother of Roses

BlindmanAI (360)

Pilgrim of Flowers

Ayushables (PC - Ihadafishnamedsheldon)

Kianon (PC - Kianon3)

Rikker20 (Honorary Member - PC)

TinBox20 (PS3)

BaS2us (PS3 - Sonny02)

DivineBeanPole (360)
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> Okay, brothers, listen up. There are a few new changes around here! To begin, I am announcing a few tweaks to the UNTAINTED MAGIC LIST. FROM NOW ON, NO MAGICAL BUFFS WILL BE ALLOWED WITHIN THIS COVENANT. I've thought on this long and hard over the last couple weeks, and I think that we can do better!


Soul Level: 150

Soul Memory: 3m-999m

Host Soul Memory: 9m

Playthrough: NG+


> Finally, it is time to discuss the IN HOUSE FIGHT CLUB. I will be adding an EVENTS section to this part of the main post in order to organize this better and more readily, but here are the details of how to take part in our first fight club!

WHERE: Heide's Tower of Flame, outside of the Old Dragonslayer Boss Room.

WHEN: Thursday, May 29th, 2014


SL: 150

SM: 3m+

Playthrough: NG+

For more details, see the EVENTS section below.

5/8/2014: A few short updates for today!

> First off, please enjoy utilizing the fancy new BANNER that I have created, located just below the announcements and future updates sections....

> Secondly, please DOWNLOAD DOLBY AXON if you would like to be added to the new, ultra-special PERMANENT CHATROOM FOR THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROSE. The info is also located underneath the future updates section!

Hello everyone! I'm happy to say that we are slowly but surely gathering new members every day, and I hope that we continue to add more brothers and sisters to our cause to fight against the corrupt use of magic in Drangleic. Just a few announcements today and I hope you find time to read them soon.

> To everyone within the covenant: I think it's time, as our sixth official member joins our cause, to discuss what sort of In-Covenant Events that we should be hosting here. I want YOUR OPINIONS! Right now I have a few ideas, which include:

1) In-House Tournaments / Weekly or Bi-Weekly Fight Clubs where we can test each other's builds and skills and earn prizes possibly and fame (I will take suggestions on prizes and other possible rewards)

2) Lore Creation Contests, where members can write new Lore to add more depth to our covenant's history (I will most likely give a prompt for this and everyone can give it their best shot)

3) Collection Contests: Potentially some sort of Collection contest, where members attempt to collect the most of a certain item (i.e Tokens of Fidelity, Dragon Scales, Sunlight Medals, etc)

4) Achievements: I've been brainstorming some new achievements
that you could strive to unlock in order to be given a unique or customizable title within the covenant!

5) ???? - WHAT ELSE? UP TO YOU! I want you as members of this covenant to have a say in what YOU think would be a fun and friendly way to build a sense of covenant pride! Please post your ideas in the thread. Also feel free and encouraged to post build ideas, questions, comments, or concerns of any other kind in this thread. I promise I will reply back to you with as much haste as I can muster!

> Minor Change to this section. From now on, only the most recent two updates and announcements will be seen, all other announcements will be neatly tucked away behind spoiler links. Huzzah for Organization!

BIG CHANGES TODAY. Changes on the Way of The Rose descriptions. In particular, Knight of Thorn are no longer required to wear uniform. I understand that at this stage, you have proven your dedication to the covenant and are facing much more challenging opponents that require more competitive armor and weapon sets.

> UNIFORM CHANGE: All members are now only required to wear the Alva Chestpiece OR the Blossom Kite Shield to reflect their membership. Wearing one of these items will serve as proper representation of our covenant in the field of battle, and I feel that the initial uniform was somewhat unreasonable. I will be editing the Uniform section to reflect these changes, as well as several of the Way of The Rose Ranking Descriptions.

> Another big change coming to the Forbidden Magic list. Magical Buffs are now acceptable within the covenant and I will be changing the list to reflect this inclusion. I will also be writing a new rule for the covenant that emphasizes that the weapon buffs are not meant to be Go To Spells, but a last resort against a mage that has proven too skilled or powerful to face.

> I am still working on putting together a video and at least a few screenshots from the PC port. Hopefully those will be up by next week or sooner.

As of 6 PM EST, I will be taking command of not only the PS3 but also the PC branches of The Knights of Rose. Please refer to the Roster List to find my Steam Name.

>I am currently searching or ANYONE who can assist me in handling the XBOX 360 Branch, as I do not have the console. Until such a time as I can decide on a 360 representative, I will be unable to handle requests from 360 Members.

> As I make my way through the PC version of the game, I will be sure to upload original screenshots to augment the page, hopefully this will give you some more visual stimulation on what the covenant is about. I will also upload a video as soon as I can record enough content.

Updated the Lore section to create a more accessible page. Let me know what you think, readers!

> also updating the rules section a bit to reflect some more general principles along with the covenant-specific rules

The Pages are completed. If you see anything amiss, let me know, otherwise, WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Upcoming Changes/Updates

> A working TABLE OF CONTENTS. I'm sure many of you are tired of scrolling around so much! Hopefully I can design a working ToC for the covenants convenience!

Upcoming Events

First Official In House Fight Club


Heides Tower of Flame, Outside of Old Dragonslayer Boss Room


Thursday, May 29th, 2014 @ 3pm EST (12pm PST and 9pm GMT)

How To Join:

Message me or post in the forum that you will be participating, and I will add you to the list. EVERY MEMBER IS EXPECTED TO RSVP. I expect to hear from each of you, even if you are not participating.

Once you have been added to the Fight Club Roster List, you need to have a RED SOAPSTONE and a NAME-ENGRAVED RING, as well as a character with 3 MILLION SM that meets covenant requirements. Set the NAME-ENGRAVED RING to KREMMEL - GOD OF STRUGGLE, and place your RED SOAPSTONE on the ground outside of the Old Dragonslayer boss room.

I will be hosting this fight club on the PC. I will be asking TITANARUM or BLINDMANAI to host for you players on the 360, though I understand your player list is fairly small compared to the PC. I hope to see many of you, and please contact me if you see any issues I have not addressed!


Joinmybones (Founder - PC "Join My Bone" - Name: Raphael)

TitanArum (360)

BlindmanAI (360)

Doran (PC)

Ernest Hemingway (PC)


Honora Set Perfidia, Potentia Set Magus

Code: Select all[align=center][url=][img][/img][/url][/align]
[color=#FFBF00][align=center]Honora Set Perfidia, Potentia Set Magus[/align][/color]

> Please thank TitanArum for his work in creating this awesome signature banner! Wear it proudly as a Knight of The Rose!

Dolby Axon Permanent Chat Group

> Download Link

> Once you have downloaded the program, go under Users, Add Friends, and add 'Joinmybone' to your friends list. I will then add you to the permanent group chat room, and you'll be able to come and go as you please at any time during the day!
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MarlukTheWise wrote:That lore maaaan! Well done

Thank you good sir, I was inspired by a few of the items that I found very interesting. Now I just need to format all of this..

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A very interesting theme for this covenant, I like it very much. I'll await for everything to be finished with excitement :D



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Mmmmm dat lore doe. Anyway, this reminds a lot of the order of the rose from dragon fable. Led by someone who's life was destroyed by magic, a rose motif, knights...

Anyway, I'm loving this covenant!



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Welcome, one and all, to this covenant. I've finally finished formatting, putting up rules, requirements, and the ranking system. At this point, anyone and everyone is welcome to join, so please, read away, and if you like what you see, let me know in the thread!

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Just gotta mention to make sure that you leave space for a roster.