Greetings people,

Is it possible to make an offensive Spirit Healer Hawke for the Hard difficulty ?

Here is the build in question:- http://biowarefans.c...hPQuGw1c0XZ1kRm

The standard party that I plan to run is either one of these:-

1) Spirit Healer Hawke, Merril (who focuses on Spirit, Entropy and her own tree), Isabela and Sword & Shield Aveline

2) Spirit Healer Hawke, Varric, Two Handed Carver, Sword & Shield Aveline or Two Handed Fenris.

Thoughts & Comments ?


Sure.. but it's more of a modal thing. You switch from healer mode to damage when necessary. You can't use damage spells and activate Spirit Healing at the same time.

On hardcore, you wouldn't need to heal too much. You'd mostly be in damage mode (I'd suggest just speccing Force Mage for your second btw).

Seconded on the Force Mage.

The main Spirit Healer sustained prevents offensive spell-casting (Fireball, Winter's Grasp, etc.), but does NOT prevent basic attacks OR spells that have no damage.

As in, Telekinetic Burst, Gravitic Ring, a.k.a. spells with force but no damage can still be cast, plus ones like Barrier and Mind Blast.

Short version: use Spirit Healer for the obvious reason, but take advantage of being able to throw enemies around with Force Mage abilities while it's active, making them easy pickings for your team.