1. Warden. I liked warrior Hawke, but really he wouldn't stand a chance against my bloodmage Surana.

2. Aveline. She's more badass than Alistair. Alistair would probably underestimate her because she's a woman and that would be his last mistake.

3. Sten. He is elite Qunari Warrior. Fenris has the lyrium markings but unless he can take Sten by surprise I don't think he is a match for him. On the other hand if someone like Alistair can defeat Sten in a duel... maybe Fenris' chances are not so bad, after all. He is more determined and his anger fuels him.

4. Morrigan. They are both very powerful and probably have somewhat similar training, but I think Morrigan is more cunning and might just have a few more tricks up her sleeve.

5. Anders. No challenge. Justice/Vengeance will crush Wynne's spirit friend and without it she is just old woman who has wasted her gifts dancing to the Chantry's tune.

6. Leliana. She doesn't even have to fight Varric - she could just send her spies to poison his wine. If they did fight one on one she would still beat him. She learned from the best. 

7. Isabela. Zevran is too easily distracted...

8. Arishok. Shale is more chaotic and can do lots of damage to her environment, but golems are also clumsy. Arishok is elite warrior with deadly focus and lots of minions.


Arcane Warrior/Spirit Healer/Battlemage Warden Amell


Force Mage/Spirit Healer Hawke

The spiritual warrior templar build will kill the both pretty easly.


1. Everyone is going to have a different answer for this one but here is my take on it. :D


- Are strong enough to take down high dragons. (this alone ...just...this)
- Are skilled leaders.
- Lead some of the strongest individuals in all of Thedas.
- Are unmatched killing machines (just try to count the bodies till the end of the game I dare you! O_o)


- Fought and defeated corypheus. (Weakened state...I think...not clear how much :/ ).
- Fought and killed the arishok in single combat.
- Survived the battle of Ostagar. (didn't partake if mage).


- Killed the archdemon. (with the help of an army).
- Killed the architect.
- Amassed an army during the blight.

Both the Warden and Hawke are equally badass in my opinion its just that the Warden had more of an opportunity to kick *** during the blight while Hawke had to look out for his family while surviving and making his way in Kirkwall.
If the two of them would fight I really think a good exaple of the fight would be that of Snake vs Liquid in mgs4, long, bloody and very sad for the player :(... unless one is an renegade *** then MURDER THE DASTARD! ... >8I .
But in the end I really think it would be up to the player who would win the battle with dragon age being a rpg after all ^^


That being said my rogue Hawke is so much stronger than my rogue Warden gameplay wise it's not even funny XDDD




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1. The Warden vs Hawke-The Warden. it's not even close.

2. Alistair vs Aveline-Aveline.

3. Sten vs Fenris-Fenris

4. Morrigan vs Merril-Merrill

5. Wynne vs Anders-Wynne's increased spellpower gives her the edge.

6. Leliana vs Varric-Leliana

7. Zevran vs Isabela-Zevran

8. Shale vs the Arishok -The Arishok.         ​

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