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Hello Fextralife! After a very long time dawdling within the chat I've finally decided to make a forum account! My first post will be dedicated to our findings regarding Soul Memory! That overly complicated mechanic that decides your every matchmaking decision within Dark Souls ll!

I must first start off this post by saying that this info would not see the light of day without the amazing mind of I was a mere lackey tagging along for the adventure of discovering how Soul Memory works, and most of the praise should go to him!

How our test worked:

We both used custom Mules for this (Put down those crucifixes and just hear me out) both of which were full of hard souls of every kind. We both began as deprived and only used had souls to increase our SM. After hours upon hours of testing, our work comes out to this! ... ring#gid=0

Summoning also does NOT work in percentages! We've also concluded that SM works via tiers ... anges_for/

We also discovered a few other nifty things!

-Soul Level does not matter in summoning. It's purely Soul Memory.
-NG shares the same exact ranges as NG+
-The Soul Memory border flattens out at 12m (10m if you use a name engraved ring). Once you pass this border, you can summon and -be- summoned by anyone else past it, regardless of how large the gap! If your SM is 12m and your friends is 400m, you can still summon eachother regardless.

I do hope this clears up confusion about SM and how it works!

Praise the sun!
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Awful change since this new patch... My nephew and I made characters to coop together, the only difference being that he engages in a lot of pvp, and as such his soul memory is around 13.5 million now, and mines at about 4 million as I don't really like pvp. Prior to the patch, we had no trouble summoning each other at all; none. Now after the patch we can't summon each other at all. Not to mention everywhere I go is a ghost town. NG++ and I haven't seen anyone at all. No summon signs and no invasions. It's not an internet problem as I can see blood, messages, and summon NPC's. I don't know what the hell this patch did, but it's destroyed any social part of this game. I checked on a few of my other 150 characters and it's the same. Ghost town. Decided to make sure it wasn't anything weird with online, and made a new character. Found some summon signs fine until about where people start meeting the blood covenant, and pvp, then it started to patter out, and I saw less and less signs. UGH.
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Soul memory is the cancer choking this game to death.


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Scurrilous Straggler wrote:Awful change since this new patch...

Perhaps there are connectivity issues you're having, related or unrelated to the most recent patch. However, the patch did not affect the Soul Memory ranges. You're likely just out of range of each other now.
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ManatuBear wrote:...
Player testing has shown that for players to be able to summon/invade others, they need to be within 25% of Soul Memory AND within 10+/-10% of their level, in NG.

Example: Player level 100 with 100000 Soul Memory will be able to interact with players of a minimum level 81 and minimum Soul Memory of 75000, and players of maximum level 121 and maximum Soul Memory of 1250000.

When a player exceeds the Soul Memory of other players in the level range, that player will still be able to co-op/invade with other players, but the range will be calculated on Soul Memory alone (formula for this unknown at the moment).

In NG+ (and beyond) Soul Memory seems to have less impact, interactions seem to be more based on player level, but its unknown to what extent.

I realize the OP has added in the correct information beneath this section, but I can verify that all of this is completely false.

1) There is no level range. A level 1 and level 838 player can pair if they have close-enough Soul Memory. It's also been suggested that the game might pair by Soul Memory OR Soul Level, but this is also false. Two players of the identical SL CANNOT pair if they are too far apart in Soul Memory.

Matchmaking is determined by Soul Memory parameters exclusively. In both NG and NG+, which have identical SM ranges. NG+ is no different than NG.

2) It doesn't use anything like a +/- 25% range. Soul Memory is instead using arbitrary tiers. What this means is that we cannot yet have a working calculator, because the range is different depending on where you are.

For example, once you find out your Soul Memory range at 50k and 100k, this provides no bearing or insight on what your range will be at 2m.

The only way to truly understand Soul Memory ranges is to test all of them, which is a project I'm working on. So to have a working calculator, it can't derive an answer using a simple math equation. Instead, it'll have to be a bit of code that already includes a list of all the answers inside it, using things like "if/then" statements to retrieve the correct answers. Unlike Dark Souls 1, where you could get a correct answer based on math, a Dark Souls 2 SM range calculator will have to have the answers built into it. But a lot more testing is required before we get there.
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The question that we need to get an answer for is:

Is this working as intended.

I have been asking on the JP wiki how the numbers came about and apparently the influence of SL no SM range was commented on by From during the JP launch event. Was this scrapped? Was someone mis-speaking? Are we missing something? or is it simply not wai?

Lots of questions. :(
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It's difficult to say, but since Soul Memory ranges have such a particular behavior, which is quite different than what they said, I don't think it could be explained by a bug.

So I think it's most likely that they gave incorrect information on purpose (opting to be purposefully vague), or gave information that was outdated by launch.

Perhaps they don't want people to know the specifics, to help people from "gaming" the system for an advantage. But the problem is that lots of people don't understand it, and the lack of cheat protection regarding SM is allowing people to gain ridiculous advantages anyways. So I think it would be much better if everyone understood exactly how it worked- that way instead of people making premature petitions to remove SM or anything like that, we could make more informed decisions about how it could be better. :)
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For the time being I think the community needs to accept the fact if you want to participate in the meta you should try to earn 15m SM. it doesn't take terribly long.

although the 150 meta level is running only on honor code, I don't find people who are above 200 to be much of a threat. Stats in this game are out ruled by simply knowing when to back step, and how to dodge.

ultimately I hope From patches the coop system once all the newbies to the series move on, and the vets are the only one left.
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It's kinda hard to connect to my friend who engages himself in loot finding when I go around co-op and PvP, the whole soul memory thing is kinda of drag I get invaded and stuff which is fine but being invaded by the same person like 4 four times is kinda like w.t.f is this! Does anyone else ever invade except you?! I want others to invade my game not the same person who already knows my game plan and formulated a dual avelyn approach LOL but yeah SM is silly makes co-op slow and PvP repetitive fighting one guy over an over imo.



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Very excellent information that supplements the wiki page nicely. Perhaps there should be a link there to this topic?
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