Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SM) - International trade welcome!



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As we briefly discusses here people find it useful to have a summon thread, so I decided to pitch up a concept.

So here are the rulez:
  • Please post only once and wait for help. Your post should consist of SL, SM, NG status, platform, location and intention. Other optional data could be: specific role (healer, tank, mage) etc.
  • This serves as a real-time bulletin, so please try and delete the post when the activity is over. This way we can keep the thread tidy and organized.
  • Got help? Give help! Come here, edit/delete your post and pick one random person you are able to help.
  • (Optional) Praise the Sun

Please leave suggestion how to improve on this function if you have any, I will make sure to try and implement all the good ideas.

Template - edit as you please, it's just an example.
Sign Location: Heide's Tower of Flame, tiny island (with chest) near the Dragon Rider boss fog (example of a specific custom place for better matching chance)
Intention: Boss run only - Belltower PvP - Full zone clear - Low level help - Insert your own
(Optional) Looking for: Tank with healing miracles, Magic user, etc
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While I love the idea of helping.... isn't this the reason we have the forum chat. I think that it will be faster to get help by going there. +1 anyways as this thread will double our options for help.
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Forum chat can get busy enough for help requests to get lost fairly easily but a combination of the two would be a good idea. Not only can someone ask for help in the chat but find out who is the best to ask for it.



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Forum chat as well as the 'Player trading and help section' of the forums.
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Ok moved to trading and player help and stickied.
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Battle Tested

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hi im on XBOX and SL 101, my gt is jbadjones and I need help with shrine of amana, I am a sorcerer currently but am about to become a str/faith build so I need a ranged attack and a tank, I may also fight the boss so come prepared I play ususally every day but will play almost all night on weekends. plz help I really need it :)


Battle Tested

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im on ng by the way


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im SL 44 and need help with sens fortress. if anyones interested plz tell me and ill we can swap GTs im using pc.
P.S im looking for black knight armor has any.