Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SM) - International trade welcome!
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By HolyLuigi
As we briefly discusses here people find it useful to have a summon thread, so I decided to pitch up a concept.

So here are the rulez:
  • Please post only once and wait for help. Your post should consist of SL, SM, NG status, platform, location and intention. Other optional data could be: specific role (healer, tank, mage) etc.
  • This serves as a real-time bulletin, so please try and delete the post when the activity is over. This way we can keep the thread tidy and organized.
  • Got help? Give help! Come here, edit/delete your post and pick one random person you are able to help.
  • (Optional) Praise the Sun

Please leave suggestion how to improve on this function if you have any, I will make sure to try and implement all the good ideas.

Template - edit as you please, it's just an example.
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By Maneater_Mildred
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While I love the idea of helping.... isn't this the reason we have the forum chat. I think that it will be faster to get help by going there. +1 anyways as this thread will double our options for help.
By firefighter_raven
Forum chat can get busy enough for help requests to get lost fairly easily but a combination of the two would be a good idea. Not only can someone ask for help in the chat but find out who is the best to ask for it.
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Forum chat as well as the 'Player trading and help section' of the forums.
By Hot_Mannered_Pate
SL: 71 PSN: KylesaMeltsFaces NG+: 0 Location: Earthen Peaks (harvest valley mines bonfire)
By MedicPo
SL: 70 PSN medicpo NG+: no Location: Huntsman's Copse (chariot boss help) 1st playtrough PS3
hi im on XBOX and SL 101, my gt is jbadjones and I need help with shrine of amana, I am a sorcerer currently but am about to become a str/faith build so I need a ranged attack and a tank, I may also fight the boss so come prepared I play ususally every day but will play almost all night on weekends. plz help I really need it :)
By dredda
im SL 44 and need help with sens fortress. if anyones interested plz tell me and ill we can swap GTs im using pc.
P.S im looking for black knight armor has any.
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