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By FellipeMariano
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Ahoy, me buckos!

It be the hour fer us to rise 'n conquer th' great eleven seas again. So, me calls out fer all th' fellow band 'o pirates in here. I be needin' a new crew to set sail. th' departure gunna be on No-scurvy dog's Wharf (Be knowin' to ye as "No-man's Wharf"). In order to start our conquest, we need to secure th' area surroundin' our vessel - th' mighty, powerfull 'n supreme Black Devil Ship!

Ye don't need to be th' most strong, handsome or skilled scurvy dog to navigate in our ship. ye only need courage 'n thirst fer blood 'n spiced rum. So, come gather pirates in 'tis blood spillin' adventure 'n let th' head 'o our enemies roll through th' decks.

(Also, free spiced rum 'n wenches fer th' first ten scurvy dogs to enlist)

---What be th' Black Devil Ship? (ye ask me)---

He be th' great 'n legendary scurvy pirate ship that once conquered every piece sea 'o 'tis seven seas. We beached in th' bay 'o th' barnacle-covered one-eyed 'n cross-eyed scurvy pirate (No-man's Wharf) 'n now we need to fix it to be able to sail th' oceans again. Apart from a small problem 'o rum leakage in th' lower deck, th' only "but" in th' ship be th' ghosts 'o our former comrades killed in th' glorious battles 'o ancient times. (a toast to them)



There are three main objetives in this covenant:

1- Roleplay: Dress like a pirate, act like a pirate, fight like a pirate.
People must enjoy the pirate culture and be able to try and experiment diferents sets of armors and weapons to create a fun and competitive pirate build. Experiences on this between covenant member are very well estimulated.

2- PVE pirate: Help other fellow buckos to achieve their personal goals inside the game. That can be, farming enemies for itens or souls, finish a hard boss, help against intruders and etc.

3- PVP pirate: Invade other people dressing like a pirate and using gestures. Mass invasion on specific location dressing like pirates too. Invasions on No-man's Wharf to protect the ship (kill player before they reach the boss ship)

In-game covenants: There is no restriction about in-game covenant, althought is strongly recommended to member of some of the PvP or PvE based covenants (for obvious reasons) depending on wich focus the member wants (PVP or PVE)

---Rules of the Covenant---

Th' ten pirate commandments:

1. You shall lie to promote your freedom.
2. You shall not kill your fellow buckos.
3. You shall not murder unless you can promote fun by doing so.
4. You shall help the needy if such action promotes your freedom or is profitable.
5. You shall honor no authority above your fleet commander or captain.
6. You shall break the law whenever convenient.
7. You shall not betray others pirates unless your life is in jeopardy.
8. You shall not aid enemies of freedom or those who promote law.
9. You shall pursue pleasure.
10. You shall promote unlimited freedom for yourself.

Th' ten Pirate Sins:

1. Showing respect for self-discipline, authority, or institutions unless trickery is involved.
2. Failing to pursue pleasure.
3. Placing fear of the law or duty above personal desire.
4. Keeping your word to a peer when breaking your word would keep you out of danger or provide amusement.
5. Refusing to exert power over others or actively sow dissension when appropriate.
6. Following a law when opportunity for mischief, personal gain, or excitement presents itself.
7. Turning down a chance to trick, cheat, or lie to a being for personal gain or amusement.
8. Actively joining or maintaining an existing government, power structure, or other institution for reasons other than trickery, destruction, or mayhem.
9. Actively hindering change.
10. Actively inducing boredom. Aiding the forces of Law and Order.

---Official clothes and weapons---


- Alva's Set (except the helmet)
- Bandit Set
- Benhart Set
- Brigand Armor
- Cale's Set
- Creighton's Set
- Dark Set
- Varagian Set
- Executioner Set
- Gyrm Set
- Hard leather Set
- Hollow Infantry and Soldier Sets
- Imported Set
- Hunter Hat
- Lion Warrior Set
- Mad Warrior Set
- Peasant Set
- Penal Set
- Prisioner's Set
- Rogue Set
- Smelter Demon Set
- Tattered Clothes Set
- Vengarl's Set
- Barrel
- Durgo's Hat
- Lucathiel's Mask

- Any curved sword (falchion and etc.)
- Any Axe and greataxe
- Any spear
- Any bow or crossbow
- Any club
- Any dagger
- Any straight sword
- Any curved greatsword
- Any hammer and great hammer
- Any fist weapon (work hook ftw)
- Any whip
- Any reaper

- Any rounded shield will do.

Magic, Miracles and Hexes:
- Any sort of witchcraft is forbidden inside the ship. Pyromance however is totally allowed (beware of starting a fire in the deck you bloody bastard)

Buffs and elemental damage:
- Lightning, fire, poison, bleed and dark are allowed. Enchanted (magic) weapons are forbidden.

- The Cap'n really recomends the use of fire-bombs, throwing knifes and other projectile likes itens.

- Initiating combate: "Decapitate"
- Winning Celebration: Drink a Estus and then "Joy"

---Ranks/condition to reach---

Scurvy - Initial Rank
They do t' hard labor. Washes t' decks, scratch t' cap'n's back and etc. They also serve as cannon fodder.

Man 'o th' sea - [To be announced]
T' almost-scum type o' pirate. Similar t' Scurvy but they bath twice a year. Has a little more experience in t' sea, and as so, they manage t' survive at t' end o' day.

Bucko - [To be announced]
A true pirate. Broken teeth, eye-patch, wooden leg... Those guys can pack a punch when it comes t' a fight, and they be loyal t' t' bone t' their cap'n.

Privateer - [To be announced]
T' trullest o' t' trues. Very experienced rum-drinkers who doesn't run from a fight, even if it be against a sea-monster. Those guys helps t' put order in t' deck and can manage t' guide a ship in t' absence o' t' cap'n.

Cap'n - [To be announced]
Cap'n's o' a ship, loyal vassals o' t' fleet commander. Experienced in combat, both on land and at sea. Long beards, rotten teeth and an insatiable thirst for blood and rum.

Fleet Commander (also know as "The motherfuck boss") - That be me!
The legendary and most handsome pirate of all the know and unknows seas. Supreme cap'n of the Black Devil Ship, wich he inherited from his great-great-greatfather - the first know pirate. He already saw and fought hundreds of naval and land battles and is the most skilled rum-drinker of the world.

---Covenant Members---

- FellipeMariano - Fleet Commander (XBOX 360)
- MediocritasAurea - Man 'o th' sea (PS3)
- Wilkinson3424 - Man 'o th' sea (PS3)
- WaffleGuy - Man 'o th' sea (XBOX 360)
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By Wilkinson3424
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Haha I had a feeling deep down that this would be in the cov section again because of the No Man's Wharf level.

Good luck! I might join if I can make a scurvy enough pirate build.

:thumbs up:
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By FellipeMariano
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twilightwarwolf wrote:You said no witch craft so what does that include? Just sorcery or hexes and miracles as well?
The only god we serve is the sea, the only miracle we need is a chest full of gold.
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By MediocritasAurea
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Count me in! Playing ps3, psn: Assasiini