Am confused about resistance numbers. One of my characters has fire resistance 101 (0%).  If the fire resistance rating is 101, how can resistance be 0%??

I assume that the percent number is the damage reduction percentage from a given attack. 

Anyone know this? I am a numbers nerd, and cant find an explanation anywhere.

I find this across all RPG games. Sometimes I wish the designers would standardize all damage/attack ratings/defense on a scale of 100. This is important!! You need to know how effective a weapon or piece of armor will be, then you can judge if its worth equipping it or buying it. This makes a real game out of acquiring/finding items. Too often there is a sea of stats that are hard to decipher, you just end up equipping whatever. 



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These values are only affected by item bonuses that add an amount of armor/resistance, from this amount the percentage resistance is calculated based on the characters' level.

so I might have 70% frost resistance at leval 5 based on 304 resistance, but that frost resistance will be much weakened at level 25-maybe as weak as 5%.

It's a shame item elemental resistance weakens with level, but thats the way the system works.
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