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Name: (Formerly) Taeryn of Mirrah, now goes by the name Valinthor

Covenant/Affiliation: Dragon Remnants/ Scions of Eternity

Birthplace/Homeland: Mirrah

Appearance: Much speculation exists around what exactly Valinthor is, more so about what he looks like. He is a Dragon Knight in the service to the Ancient Dragon that resides in the Dragon Aerie of Drangliec. He appears to his enemies as a tall imposing frame of bronzed armour and flowing cloth, wearing his three eyed helm, and wielding a massive blade crafted from the tail of a dragon.

Backstory: Taeryn began his life like all people of Mirrah did, learning to fight for his Lord from the earliest years, into manhood where he was pressed into service into Mirrah's never ending wars as a simple soldier thrown into the meat grinder.
He rose to some prominence during a battle when an undead strode the field, massacring both side of the engagement with its monstrous strength. As one of the few survivors of his unit, the only sane or physically able of body, his units glory began his.
He was for a time hailed as a hero, warrior of prowess beyond his years, for a man of the peasantry this was his highest honour. But as time passed his Lord thought only of how he could use Taeryn, while amongst the commoners he was cursed and reviled as inhuman.
He was knighted within the month, and within the month he was gone. Leaving his homeland and beginning his wanderings for a purpose.
Eventually his wandering led him to Eos, then on to Drangliec where he was able to use his knightly wealth to buy a damaged set of platemail, and a greatshield bearing the symbol of twin dragons. Halberd in hand he journeyed his way to the Dragon Aerie where he met the remnants and the Dragon Cult the Scions of Eternity.
Upon seeing the majesty of the Dragon's he abandoned his human name, taking the name of an ancient Dragon Warrior who served the Dragon's in a time long passed.



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Character name:Azhaiel the Abyssal Heir

Covenant/Affiliation: Disciples of Artorias

Birthplace/Home country: Mirrah

Appearance: Typically one will see Azhaiel with his Heide Knight Helm, Throne Defender armor and leggings,as well as Aurous gloves. His long brown hair covers part of his face, a dark blue tattoo coming up from the jawline of the right side of his face up to part of his cheek. His eyes are a blue so bright, it seems as though he is a wolf in human form when one stares into them.


Azhaiel had left his home behind in Mirrah along with his sister to come to Drangleic. After the untimely demise of the old man that he loved, he promised to protect the weak. And the weak seemed to be flocking to Drangleic, so that was where he ventured. Along the way he lost track of his sister, but heard rumors that she had made it and was already a very accomplished mage. Now Azhaiel leads the Disciples of Artorias from the Cathedral of Blue, giving travelers the protection of his warriors, as well as a place to rest and recuperate in their time of need.



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Character name: Nameless, only known as The Arbitor

Covenant/Affiliation: Heirs of the Sun

Birthplace/Home Country: Astora

Appearance: Wears white armor with a half skirt, her face can always be seen, Celestial Blue eyes, A black tattoo on her cheek of a bird, to symbolise the freedom that she is giving by helping people. She has bright blond hair in a pony tail, uses a sword too heavy for her to wield, thus she props it on her shoulder at all time, to symbolise the burden she is taking on, and the strength of the power she will use to dispense of evil, and a small sunlight parma, to show that faith is her only defence.

At a young age, the child loved to help others, sharing everything she had, leaving nothing for herself, she was selfless. At the age of 11, she witnessed her parents and brothers slaughter at the hands of the Darkwraiths, she fell into despair, wandering aimlessly without food. Ready to let go, she fell outside a village, when a stranger came and helped her, took her in and nursed her to full health, she didn't recall her name, so she went without one for several years, she left the kind family at the age of 16, with renewed faith in the human race. wandering from town to town she consulted with the priests in a long forgotten town, who agreed to take her in and teach her the arts of miracles, seeing the faith she possessed. At 19, she had surpassed her tutors, and left to seek further miracles. On the road to the famed Sunlight Alter, she was ambushed by bandits, she put her chime down and asked why? they didn't listen to her at all, and attacked, she was stunned at this display of humanity, and used a particular miracle, one that took away the masks of humanity, proving that they were indeed undead, killing them using the sacred arts, she realized how powerless other would be in that situation, and vowed to keep them safe, whenever she could. Four years later (At the age of 23) she mastered the lighting arts, becoming a Warrior of Sunlight. She roamed the land, helping others in need, but at the quaint age of 29, she fell victim to the curse of undeath. Soon, after little had changed, she realized that time had not ravaged her after another 10 years. Lost in time, she wanders the new land, helping those who have a destination, and exterminating those who would stop them, Her victims and the people she saved alike, gave her the name of The Arbitor.

Be careful out there, wouldn't want to see you go hollow.



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Character name: Razula

Covenant/Affiliation: Formerly an Heir to The Sun. Some wayward souls have told him of his great skill and how it needs recognition, such as that of a leader.

Birthplace/Home country: Born in Forossa, he escaped the land during the massive war. He was actually good friends with the Forossan Beast, Vengarl.

Appearance: Long black dreadlocked hair, with bright eyes. He has intricate patterns of red ink spanning his whole face. He wears an iron, tasseted helm, with Armor and Gauntlets originating from Faraam, and Heide leg armor. He wields a powerful greatsword once used by a defender of the King, a fast smaller sword, a dragon's chime, and his honorary Heir of the Sun small shield.

Backstory: Razula was raised from birth to be an honorable warrior. He speaks little and does much, as he was always taught that action speak much louder than words. He trained with Volgen Mercenaries when his father sent him to Volgen for that very purpose. When Razula heard word of the battlefield beast Vengarl, and that he was in his home country, Razula immediately made haste to return to Forossa. After seeking the warrior out, Vengarl and Razula became allies. When Razula left, Vengarl had already been given a job as a fighter for Drangleic. By the time Razula found Vengarl, he had already died. After catching up with his severed head, Razula agreed to put his mind at rest, and slay his raging body. With his quest complete, Razula now wanders the land, fighting evil and assisting those who he finds in need. He believes that he has enough followers of his good deeds that he may soon begin a covenant. A wandering warrior band of sorts.

Well, how is it?


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Character Name: Watcher's Heir/Kalameet

Covenant/Affiliation: Heirs to the Sun/Dragon Remnants

Birthplace: Lindelt/Ash Lake

Appearance: Throne Watcher's armor with green eyes, blonde beard. Or a golden plated dragon with three eyes on it's forehead. Carries either the sword of a hollowed friend from Mirrah, or a curved greatsword forged from the soul of his brothers.

Backstory: Originally the Heir was a knight from Lindelt who practiced miracles with the great clerics. Early in his life the curse came to Lindelt, and without hesitation he took up his claymore to hunt the undead and drive them from the land. This lead to him acquiring the curse. Abandoning his family, and his name, he exiled himself, concealing his face. In a dark woods, he was struck down by the very undead hunters he used to ride with. Upon his arrival in Drangleic, he found his claymore emitting dark energy, a manifestation of the wrath he visited upon the undead. Upon acquiring the Petrified Egg, he was convinced by Magerold to seek dragon scales, and that the ancient dragon would forgive his sins. With relish he hunted down the supposed sinners, striking down one after another, collecting scales by the hundreds and offering them to the dragon.

His reward was a stone, but when he touched it his flesh turned to scales and his head to a beastly form. Kalameet had returned. His soul had laid dormant in the stone, and he finally had found a warrior who can handle the power granted by his soul. Kalameet lashed out, his power growing as he put down the knights of Vendrick one by one. But the soul of the Lindelt knight held firm and cast Kalameet out for a brief time.

He found more power with the Heirs of the Sun, whose powerful light held Kalameet at bay. Carrying the sword of his friend Lucatiel, a reminder that at some level all hollows were still human, he swore to atone for the deeds of Kalameet and his own sins. He wears the armor of the throne watcher, a being cursed to protect the throne, a burden he has now placed on himself, waiting for Nashandra to make her move. The knight's will falters at times...and Kalameet is waiting in the wings. When Nashandra falls who will sit upon the Throne of Want? The noble knight? Or the Black Dragon?


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Character Name: Arysiaf of the Abyss

Covenant/Affiliation: Disciple of Artorias

Birthplace: The Abyss

Appearance: Hexer Hood hiding his face in the darkness, an old Mage Robe his the only attire that suit him hiding his slender body, Rogue Glove took from an Undead Rogue who tried to kill him and the Legging of an Elite Knight finish his weird appearance none really know how he look like only some saw Red Crimson eyes before dying by him.

BackStory:From the Abyss only darkness come out but one day after the fall of Drangleic a being from the Abyss was first created a being only know as a Berserker a Killing machine going crazy the moment he would see souls one can think he became Hollow but how can one be hollow if he never had a human form?

Leaving behind him only a trail of corpse he made his way to Heide's tower of flame where his hollow mind brought him for more Blood.....
Countless Old Knight tried to stop him from reaching the Cathedral of the Blue but none could resist his Berserker Blade went Ablaze by his Rage.

At the Cathedral of the Blue where once stood the Old Dragonslayer now protected by Azhaiel Leader of the Disciple of Artorias.
After a long battle of 3 days and 3 nights Arysiaf fell down on the ground uncouncious.
When he woken up Azhaiel stood there and swore to help him become human after many days Arysiaf now given his name went away to Drangleic Castle in full posseision of his mind and in his newly found Human body there he defeated countless opponent with his bare hand refusing to use once more the blade of Sin he used before.
When Arysiaf stood before The Looking Glass Knight he knew he couldn't face him bare handed, from the Stone Knight he took a TwinBlade made of stone and turned it ablaze with his rage and faced the Looking Glass Knight wich he stood victorious.

He came back to Azhaiel and Swore to Atone for his past Sins as a Disciple of Artorias

He is now seen wandering the land in hope to help the other see the light embracing both his Rage and KnightHood he finnaly had found his way
Vereor Nox

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Character name: Cyrus (Known under the title: UnKiller)

Covenant/Affiliation: Blue Sentinels

Birthplace/Home country: Unknown, all that is known is Cyrus was found by an Adventurer known as Larkin in the Heides tower, who is now known for being unable to walk, and barely speak since the meeting.

Appearance: Full Heide's Armour, Hydra Seathe tattoo on right side of face.

Cyrus is an Undead that Targray himself is fearful of. The reason for this is Cyrus appears to be a very unnatural Blue Sentinel. Considering his innate anger and butchering style of fighting. Other Blue Sentinels that have been summoned alongside him have been known to tell stories of his insatiable bloodlust. However, he seems to have a soft spot for enemies of Blue if they have a major disadvantage.

(More to come)


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Character name: Aedan

Covenant/Affiliation: The Wayfinders

Birthplace/Home country: Forossa

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair that goes down near his neck, bright blue eyes and blonde stubble, he is the very picture of health. Having trained for countless days since his first violent encounter in Drangleic, he is known for, at times, wearing the heaviest gear and yet also wearing the lightest when the circumstances call for it. His gear and equipment changes constantly.

Backstory: Having not remembered much of his past, for the longest time Aedan traveled countless lands in search of some form of reason or purpose. During these adventures, he had become extremely tactical in his decisions and became a well-renowned fighter in most respects. These memories had become lost in time as the curse slowly eroded his past memories, but the impressions left by those very memories never disappeared. Eventually, some force led him to Drangleic, and while he has long forgot his reputation in the kingdoms he had traveled in, his skills have not diminished in the least. He has taken up the cause of the Wayfinders, to help those who need it, as well as all those who are lost seeking help.


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Character name: Ariamis

Covenant/Affiliations: Guardians of the Painted world

Birthplace/Home country: Astora

Appearance: Short, wild brown hair, bright blue eyes and brown stubble. He is lean in build and is a force to be reckoned with. He is skilled in combat and is known for his imposing and fear-inducing appearance. He is constantly hooded and dons the Llewellyn armor set.

Backstory: Being tired of the mistreatment of kind albeit unique creatures, he created the Painted World, a sanctuary for creatures that had no apparent place in this world. Eventually, he had to leave to seek out and save other "abominations". He left his Painting and its inhabitants in the the care of the Painting Guardians, highly skilled warriors that have guarded it for generations. The reason has been lost, but they remain loyal guardians. Eventually, Ariamis arrived in Drangleic (that I believe to be Vinheim). He founded the Guardians of the Painted Worlds in Lordran, and has brought it to Drangleic in search of others who will aid the lands misfortunates.


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I have several annotations to make for my characters and a rewrite of them all, especially Valinthor but I figure a few more character defining features were in order.

Valinthor being and arrogant, sanctimonious, and self centred being that he is, now considers himself to be beyond human, as such he has picked up one of several traditions that few other Dragon Knights choose to perform and eats the flesh of a particularly talent foe to honour the fallen so that he carries that warriors spirit with him always.

And Avrik we all know, or most who were here back in the DKS 1 cov sections days know that Avrik was prone to all manner of rather hideous acts... I finally revived him from the Crypts, dead grey lifeless flesh, Murder and all. He still hates Raven's though.