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By twilightwarwolf
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Followers of the Dark Arts! Hear my cry!

Those of strong heart and mind who have become Masters of Dark Magic and not it's mindless slave come forth!

It is time to show Drangleic and it's people who are in need that not all have been corrupted by the Dark Arts but that many are Masters of it's Dark Powers and have the Command to turn such magics toward Good and not evil.

The time has come to wash away the prejudices of our predecessors of old! And though many still follow the way laid before us we will show we CAN and WILL rise above it! Come one and all who have the strength and will to take on this challenge!

1.Must use Hexes, Dark resin, or a dark attributed weapon. This shows our mastery of the Dark and how it can be used for good.
2.No hacking at all
3. Be respectful of others on forums and in this thread
4. No taunting to others in cov or another cov and be respectful to others in game.

Our primary cov's are the Pilgrims of Dark and The Sentinels of Blue as well as the Dragon Remnants. Our Brothers in arms the Pilgrims will share with us many hexes and our comrades the Sentinels will give us the opportunity to show our commitment. And the Dragon Remnants also give us the chance to show how we can use our power in an honorable way as they fight in duels. (Others may be added later but these are our main. Covenants being looked into are the Rat and Bell) Cove info:

While we show all of Drangliec how hexes can be used for the greater good we do have our home or base. The Crypt. This is where we follow in Adagyne's footsteps using the dark to protect the dead. Many transgressors come to defile the Crypt and we stand ready to protect them with the very dark used to protect them in their resting place. One does not have to have a "defender" but it is encouraged. We defend the Crypt with our blue cracked orbs and our dragon's signs and should you be invaded it is recommended to show the strength of the Crypts other protectors with the seed of the giants. But we are not keen on making sure no one undead goes further than the entrance if he abides by Adagyne's rules and seeks no disrespect or defilement of the dead our defenders are more than willing to aide those and even go as far as the king's guardian.

We also have another section dedicated to the Chasm's of Old. Though they must have ties to the brotherhood for supplies their sole purpose is to guide fellow pilgrims through every Chasm. They use their red soap stone and cracked eye orbs and strictly stay a pilgrim as the door does not open for another that isn't a pilgrim. They carry a special responsibility to not harm another pilgrim unless harmed first or threatened by another and should such a response be made they may choose to halt their aide and banish them from the Chasm. Our fellow masters of the dark need not help those who seek it for reasons of power or malevolent use. Before they can do this though they must defeat their attain their highest rank possible from the leader of the pilgrims as only those who attain such status are able to have the door to the Chasm remain open.


Evening initiate : initial rank for new members with no special responsibilities.

Twilight Redeemer: Second rank for those who have acquired the hexes of the Pilgrims and have helped people wether through the Sentinels or the white sign stone. Access to our store is granted at this rank. No special responsibilities.

Nightingale: Third rank for those who have helped many people wether through white sign stone or Blue sentinel and who have cleared the Chasm. They have the responsibility to train and help out those with lower ranks. And may be selected for higher ranks.

Midnight Masters: They may have a title if they so choose to take one and are the leaders go to people for mattes concerning the cov. And are emissaries if the leader is out. There will be 4 only and may be a console leader.

Black Moon Vanguard : It is a rank that is on par if you will with the Midnight Masters. But is separate as this is a rank for one only who has shown above and beyond dedication. This is through not just going through the ranks, and intact does not need to be a high ranking person, helping others it includes being active among active peers, sharing ideas and helping others often, and who is dependable when push comes to shove.

Nocturnal Emissary: Leader of the cov. Holds all responsibilities of the cov and gives promotions to other members. If you have any questions or concerns with the cov pm this person.

Way to earn promotions:

To Twilight initiate: Be active and a decent person in thread and help 25 people to rank up and find the the Pilgrims of the Dark. Or if you follow the dragon or take the pvp side of Sentinels beat 25 people and find the Pilgrims. (helping and pvp can be added together to reach the required number)

To Nightingale: To rank up help 50 more people, be an active member in the thread, and face someone a rank above you and win a 2 out of 3, and beat the Darklurker For the path of the dragon or the pvp side of the Sentinels must have beaten 50 more people as well as facing a member above you in rank and in a 2 out of 3, and finally eating the Darklurker. (helping and pvp can be added together to reach the required number)

Midnight Master: Must be a highly active member who has shown dedication to this cov many times over. Must be a Nightingale rank before and other Midnight Master's must recommend anyone they feel is fit. Must have helped 100 people at least or beaten 100 people if you follow the dragon side or the pvp side of the Sentinels. (helping and pvp can be added together to reach the required number)

Joining: To join all you have to to do is ask me or a second in command (should one be on at the time). Wether it's in pm or on thread is fine either way.
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By twilightwarwolf
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Current members:

Nocturnal Emissary :
Twilightwarwolf, Psn twlightwarwolf, Follower of the Wolves moon

Black Moon Vanguard:
Ahhotep1, Psn and Xbox, The Eventide Hunter

Midnight Masters: None

Azhaiel, Psn, title yet to be chosen

Twilight Redeemers:
Dutchy, Xbox dutchysuarus
Paragon, Psn
Icegodzilla, Psn
Nightshot, Xbox FataL x NIGhT
Blueberryvibe, Psn blueberryvibe

Evening Initiate:
SiniterSkul, Formerroadie psn
DoomculT. xbox DOOM996
Arysiaf, psn Arysiaf
Crimson Felony, psn User404
The Greyhawk, xbox I Smiling Jim I

Special Recognitions:

Our first recognition goes to Ducthy and his Hexes guide thread. I recommend anyone interested in using OR combating hexes to check it out. Very informative! Here is the link and again great job Dutchy!

Our Second recognition goes to Paragon! He solely came up with the second section of our cov the Chasm Pilgrims! He not only gave them a method of pvp but of Co-op as well! And though the items are usually associated with evil he has stayed true to our idea by having what is see is bad be used for good! Congratulations on this achievement Paragon!
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By twilightwarwolf
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Moonlit Library

For those interested in Rp (Role play) This is our little area for your characters back stories. This is not enforced and for those who want to have a backstory for their character(s) in the cov. If you have one you would like shown here pm me with it and i will put it in a spoiler box and have it under the list below.

Redeemer Rp Chars:

Current Events

Alright guys while i plan out our new event for our cov i have posted a thread an event that i'd like to bring back and that we would host. I'd like to hear your opinions and views on it so check it out. Here is the link t33328/guerrilla-warfare-interestplanning-thread/

Also we are now officially Allies of the Disciples of Artorias! Please check them out if you haven't and may our alliance last!
The Disciples thread: t26245/disciples-of-artorias/


Disciples of Artorias
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By Azhaiel
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I'm here to help out. Can't wait to get started on my mage!
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By Azhaiel
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So, I've been playing with Hexes in anticipation of using them on my cove character. There's some really sweet ones. Darkstorm killed Belfry Gargoyles for me. That and the one that's basically firestorm. Can't remember it's name though.
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