I can't seem to find any information about this fight: the dragon is stuck on the bone pits ledge at around 35% hp. I can not target the dragon like I could previously, and all the adds are down (third wave cleared.) It doesn't seem to want to come down, and is just raining fireballs on the group.

Is this a bug, or is there a mechanic I'm missing? It came down previously after the adds died or after it got hit for a chunk of hp.

EDIT: Fixed itself after a few reloads.

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The dragon is not stuck. Every time the High Dragon hops onto the ledge, he calls a spawn of a bunch of little dragonkin and sometimes regular dragons. When you damage him so much, he hits the ledge. You need to run all over that area beneath the ledge and make sure you kill ALL the little dragons before he will come down again.

As soon as you find all he spawns, he comes down to play again.
Yep. Stay under the ledge where he can't throw fireballs at you. Kill all the little ones and go back under the ledge and he is forced into coming down to attack again.
That was a brutal fight. I used virtually every lyrium and healing potion I had. I figured out to hide under the ledge, but even then, there were times when I could not fire at the dragon, but it was still hitting me with fireballs.

That battle did make me question why only one available NPC mage can perform healing spells.
Right i've HAD ENOUGH of this fight, I've been at it for over 45 minutes and the dragon is just sitting on the damn ledge, i've done about 20 laps of the entire area and there are no adds anywhere (after 3rd wave). And to make matters worse, I set my ranged to hold position under the ledge so they can't be hit, and walk around with my tank to be sure. and they keep turning off hold somehow and following me, its really pissing me off.... going to start again I guess.... sigh.
....................... same thing happened to me. Dragon stuck up on the hill @ 35% hp, I've wandered around the area for 15minutes now with no results. I fought the dragon for about 40minutes until now (nightmare) and I'm not going through all that trouble again. I'm so frustrated I prolly won't be touching the game for a day or two =(


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You can hit the high dragon while it's on the ledge with ranged weapons the second and third times she flies up there after you've killed all the dragonlings/dragons that spawn. Do enough damage to her (it doesnt take that much) and she'll fly back down again. Helpful note: her fireballs don't track you in this phase (unlike when the spawns are still alive) so you can dodge them.
Thanks, but I obviously would have done that if she actually was targetable the third time :( I've cast tens of aoespells on that area with no result.

to hell with it, I'll just lower the difficulty and kill it fast, but bugs like this really ruin the game experience. I'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to RPG's , but I won't risk another 45minute fight just to see her get stuck up there again.

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A singular rune of fire resist or Arcane Wall (or both) helps a considerable amount here.

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I'm bugged out as well. She's up on that ledge at roughly 35% and there is no way to target her. All of the dragonlings and dragons are dead. It's stuck. I've replicated this more than once. I suppose it is time to lower the difficulty and hope that it eventually works. Blast.

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