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By Petehog
Would removing Warmth" and "Heal" in the Arena be a better PVP experience?

I feel PVP should be about a one-on-one duel and purely on skill. How do people feel about Warmth and Heal and whether removing it (not that it would ever happen) would change the dynamics of Dark Souls 2 PVP for the better. I suppose I just don't understand why it's there. Of course I'll get folks that say it's a person's fault for allowing it to happen but it's more of a problem with laggy folks.
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By rikki_spanish
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Idk I was fine with it in the arena. I understand why people want to 1v1 duel without having estus because it makes things take forever. However warmth makes a ridiculous spot that you dueled for control over and the heal spells all take enough time to cast you can get punished.
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By qeter
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warmth is fine for above reasons.
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Warmth turns the fight into a king of the hill sort of deal, and changes the dynamic in a way that doesn't favor one person over the other.

I personally don't mind healing miracles, since they require Faith, Attunement, and weapon investments, and can be denied outright by Profound Still (which is what a real unfair miracle looks like).
By Plouto777
As stated above, warmth is fine because it can benefit both but i personally dont like healing miracles because someone will not try to cast it in the middle of the battle, most of the time people that want to heal run around the arena and literally dont stop until you let them heal which is very annoying. If someone tries to do that i just crystall out, its not worth the time.
By Petehog

That's precisely why I think it should be removed. I hate running after them. Usually I can stop it by putting on a Witch staff + Clear Bluestone ring +2 and a Crystal magic spear. But it's annoying since I have to swap my rings out lol. I just think the game would be better (just my humble opinion) if they removed it outright. There's no point having it. More often than not, warmth guys do it because they're about to die, because they're losing and no amount of warmth can compensate for their lack of skill. Just gets old and annoying hitting them over and over with the Butcher's knife.