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I was just playing Dark Souls at the BoC fog gate, and I looked up, and saw these massive Stone Demon models on the sides of the tower above me. I thought that was hilarious because they were breathing, just like the normal ones you fight. I'm really puzzled as to why they are there though... I guess the devs just gaffed. It would have been hilarious if you had to fight them though....



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several of the demon statues that don't attack u breath. I want to say all of them do that but i'm not a 100% on that. Think they may have done it to try and trick players into not knowing which are enimies and which are not, but that's just a guess

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The breathing is mostly a lore thing showing that there are plenty of the statues that are alive but only some have come off their plinth to attack players. Not all of them do breath as far as I know.