Mine are husks. The fact that they move at a 45 degree angle to Shepard when charging and their speed makes them impossible to aim at.
Yep, thats why I was glad, I have chosen Vanguard class. They have no chance against my Shockwave and when you also bring Jack, Husks are flying. It´s epic.

Mine is Praetorian. That thing keeps following only me!

ME1 - Thresher Maws. Oh, how I hate those. You are having nice smooth planet ride and suddenly they jump on you and your cannons cant even scratch it. Grunt loyalty mission was big victory for my Sole Survivor Shep. 

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Geth Sappers from ME1. They were designed specifically to be annoying.
Praetorians obsession with Shepard can get irritating.

The most annoying though is Harbinger. Shut up and go away you loudmouthed, juvenile ******. Come back when you are an actual threat, like Soveriegn.

They will always target you, and they always bring back their shields before you can hit 'em with the Cain.
lol... is it even a question??


Holy ****, the trap platform on the derelict reaper on insanity, I wanted to jump out of a ****ing window. The scions make that section so freakin' difficult

If ME2 had thorian creepers, I couldn't beat it on insanity. Those things have too much damn health. Same thing if ME2 Krogan was like the ME1 ones. They're like "HUUZAH I'll charge you mercilessly!"

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad they took out immunity

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Harby because he just doesn’t shut up.
Also Varren! Well aright they usually aren’t all that annoying it’s just during the archangel mission that they ****** me off. Every time that dam shutter is about to close one of them makes it thru. FUUUUU. And every time my Vanguard charges one of them I end up standing in them, behind them or facing the wrong way so I can’t line up a headshot properly.

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ME1 - Krogan Battlemaster on Therum (the most frustrating charge in the whole game)

ME2 - Praetorians and Scions
My vote goes to the Scions. Not even a souped up Grunt can stand against that blue energy attack that travels along the ground.