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I did some (incomplete) testing with dark magic, catalysts, and how they scale over at the * forums a few ages ago.

Here is the thread: http://forums.demonssouls.info/viewtopi ... 69&t=16211

And I only bring this up because the related pages on this wiki are woefully lacking in this area, and also wrong on a few counts. Namely:

- Dark magic (sorceries) scale with the strength, dexterity, and intelligence parameters of the catalyst used to cast them.
- There are two catalysts with dexterity scaling, demon's and tin banishment, and dark magic will do extra damage based on your dexterity when cast with them
- On that note, the Manus catalyst is most certainly not the only catalyst that gives strength scaling to dark magic. It just happens to be the most noticeable due to its high strength scaling
- The Logan's catalyst has a deceptively high strength scaling for dark magic
- While the oolacile ivory catalyst and the (DLC) oolacile catalyst do not have any scaling whatsoever (neither str nor int), the ivory catalyst will do slightly more damage with dark magic than the poisonous oolacile catalyst. This is most likely due to a slightly higher base physical magic adjust
- On that note, dark magic is indeed a mix between magic and another damage type, with the second type being most likely physical.
- At 45 dex and 32 int, the tin banishment catalyst will do more damage (when casting dark magic) than the sorcerer's catalyst and logan's catalyst, but not the tin crystallization catalyst or the manus catalyst
- With 40+ in all of str, dex, and int, the demon's catalyst is abhorrently strong when casting dark magic, and will out-damage all other catalysts except for the tin crystal and manus ones
- Str and dex scaling for dark magic doesn't softcap until 50, much like the int scaling of all catalysts.

If possible, I'd like to finish up the testing I was doing here. And by "I'd like to finish up" I mean "I'm still quite burnt out on this game and am wondering if anyone else would like to do it".

And, naturally, I aim to update this wiki with the information here. All 10+ related pages.
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By Fexelea
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Lots of good points. Goes to show no guide is ever complete or perfect xD

I really appreciate the help improving the wiki, I can't remember if I made you an organizer account... will you be needing one? (sorry i've been doing so much it's hard to keep track of things)
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By Emergence
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I'm with you on those conclusions. When the dlc first came out I noticed my damage using dark magic was wonky and did some testing and was able to determine that dark magic (except for black flame) has both a physical and magical component to its damage. I tested using different shields (with dark hand as a control because of its equal defense against magic and physical) and found that to be the case by isolating damage done with shields that blocked 100/80 phys/magic (Crest) and then using the Crystal Ring shield and running numbers from there. An interesting thing I noticed is that ratio of physical to magical damage done also seemed to fluctuate based on the users Int and Str stats. I'm not sure if that is because of what you mention about the other stat scaling of the catalysts which I did not account for but it seems possible. We had started a thread on that here as well with the intention to overhaul the info on the wiki but were unable to complete testing.
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Done-ish. I have edited these pages with the information in my first post:

https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/L ... s+Catalyst
https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/O ... y+Catalyst
https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/D ... s+Catalyst
https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/T ... t+Catalyst

And probably a few other mostly unimportant details that I may have forgotten about.

Anyways, the only reason to test beyond this point would be to find exact numbers, the hidden base physmagadjust of catalysts, the base power of spells... basically, the kind of stuff that is beyond the scope of even Mugenmonkey and I assume is also beyond the scope of this wiki? Either way, that's something I'm perfectly okay with not getting into. We're talking about at least 5 hidden stats here, which is way more than normal magic's 2 hidden stats.

On a side note, I noticed the website I mentioned (the wiki where I had started testing this stuff) was substituted with Wikispaces. I... don't understand. :raised brow:
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By Emergence
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Thanks for making the edits. I didn't even realize how deep the rabbit hole went when I began testing dark magic at the DLC's release. Pretty crazy stuff there.