With the Mass Effect trilogy and, more importantly, the release of Mass Effect 1 onto the PS3 I am starting to worry about save file transfers between the games. Will owners of the PS3 version of ME1 be able to transfer their save files (with all choices) to ME2? I can't find any topics related to this at the moment.

For example: in ME2 on the PS3 the game assumed I had never met Conrad Verner and so he was not on Illium in ME2. Will I meet him in ME2 with the ME1 save file or will the save file only carry over the vital choices my Shepard makes (e.g. save/sacrifice the council, save Ashley/Kaidan, etc).

Also, if I have already installed the Mass Effect: Genesis comic will this cause issues with game save transfers?

Finally, if PS3 owners like myself can transfer save files from ME1 to ME2 do ME2 and ME3 already have all of the content already present to deal with the outcome of these choices or will there be game updates for both games?

Thanks to whoever replies!
I've seen a couple of posts from the BioWare powers that be assuring that completed games will be importable from 1 to 2, and of course they already are from 2 to 3. Can't recall if they said a patch for 2 was needed or whether it already could but just has nothing to import from yet, but I'm positive it's been confirmed that your Shepard can go 1>2>3 like the XBox and PC mobs. I believe I've seen it said (can't recall if this was 'official' or not) that Genesis will not kick in when starting an ME2 game with an ME1 character so this should have no effect. As to stuff like Conrad being on Ilium and appropriate content already present in 2 & 3, I'd guess it depends on whether it was less effort to create the PS3 ports with all content or to omit details that PS3 players at the time would never see due to not having ME1. Don't know enough about these things to say for sure but I'd guess it's simpler just to do everything than sit down and work out exactly what content in two games can be left out in order to save a relatively small amount of storage space.