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By Fexelea
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Hello everyone

We are now migrating the wikis to their new home at (nameofwiki).wiki.fextralife.com. You can access the hub already here:
Note we haven't worked on the formatting of DeepDown and not created Dragon's Dogma yet - this is to give you an idea!

I explained the why of this change of domain in another thread

Since now the wikis can be edited by guests, we will only have a few organizers with accounts, who can create/rename/redirect pages (for example homepage or other sensitive ones)

I need a list of people who are willing to put in LOTS of time to

1. Fix links that got broken from the transfer
2. Help create wiki infrastructure for both existing and new wikis
3. Add new pages
4. Monitor content and revert vandalism etc.

What you will need:

1. Be willing to learn how to read and edit "wikispaces" text. An example:


The reason for this is that there is a lot more that you can do with a page once you understand how the code works, the visual editor is somehow limiting. Help on how to read this available here - I will also give you tips and tutorials as we go along.

2. Be consistent

We need members who have the time and dedication to create and oversee content. If you will only do a few edits here and there you don't need an account :)

So, who wants to be part of the wiki task force!!
By Ahhotep1
Sign me up Fex!

I don't know why wiki stuff scares me. But I shall be brave and overcome...my 'Souls Destiny' will settle for nothing less!

Ahhotep1 for Destiny Online Game and where ever else help is needed!!!
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By Wilkinson3424
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Your favourite Wilks, reporting for duty.
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By Hart
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This guy, reporting in!
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By Waffle
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I'd like to help for DaS 2, but I'm doubting my capabilities at the moment. I guess I could overlook any wrong doings on the wiki. I'm not too bright to look out for information within the game itself.

You can keep me as a 'probably' xP

EDIT: I'll give it a try. Reporting for booty, ma'am.
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By Hugh_G_Johnson
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*takes deep breath, winces* OK, OK, OK -- I'll do it. I hope you don't think I'm a pro just because I used to change my font all the time. I taught myself BCode and I'm still a wiki noob. This could end up being karma for both of us... me doing the fancy font and you telling me to stop. :P
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